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Apple October Event 2023

Every year, at specific times, Apple hosts events where it introduces new products. The business typically hosts a spring event in March or April, the WWDC keynote in June, a launch event for the new iPhone in September, and a late fall event in October at which it has been known to introduce new iPads and Macs.

At a recent presentation on September 12, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, and Ultra 2. Has the business completed rolling out new items for 2023? It’s still possible that new Macs and iPads will be unveiled at an Apple event in October, but it’s also feasible that the company won’t have any further product introduction events in 2023.

Will Apple host an event in October 2023?

In October or November, Apple conducted a second autumn event at which it has unveiled new Macs, iPads, and AirPods over the years. In contrast to the M1 models of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini from the previous year, the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro and the third generation AirPods were unveiled at the 2021 Unleashed event.

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Apple does not usually have an October event, as you can see from the list of October event dates below. Apple has staged eight October events over the past 12 years, so skipping one is not out of the ordinary.

• 2022: No event
• 2021: Monday, October 18
• 2020: Tuesday, October 13
• 2019: No event
• 2018: Tuesday, October 30
• 2017: No event
• 2016: Thursday, October 27
• 2015: No event
• 2014: Thursday, October 16
• 2013: Tuesday, October 22
• 2012: Tuesday, October 23
• 2011: Tuesday, October

It doesn’t appear that Apple will host an October event in 2023. Although it’s possible that the business will introduce a new iPad mini and an iMac with an M3 model, both of which have been rumored for this year at some point, neither would be worthy of an event. Any new Apple products that are released in 2023 are more likely to be announced via press release.

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When might Apple hold its October event?

We would assume that if Apple did surprise us with an October event in 2023, it would take place on or around October 17 or 24.

If the event will take place, expect invitations to arrive around the beginning of October since they often go out one to two weeks before the event.

What will Apple launch in October?

New Macs and iPads from Apple may be unveiled whether or not there is an event.

M3 iMac

It’s long past time for an update because the iMac still uses an M1 CPU while the rest of the lineup has switched to the second generation of Apple’s Mac processors. According to the rumors, the iMac will immediately switch to the M3 processor.

MacBook Air with M3

The MacBook Air could receive an update if Apple releases an M3 iMac. We aren’t holding our breath, though, since we believe this would happen too soon following the 15-inch MacBook Air’s arrival in June.

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13-inch MacBook Pro with M3

The 13-inch MacBook Pro should be updated at the same time as the Air since it would be odd if Apple didn’t.

iPad touch

The iPad mini last received an upgrade in 2021. In 2023, a seventh-generation model may be introduced.

iPad 10th generation

The 10.2-inch entry-level iPad from Apple might have been the biggest release of October. According to rumors, this model may be updated with smaller bezels, a 10.5-inch screen, USB-C, and 5G. It could also be that the headphone jack is broken.

AirPods lite

The existence of AirPods Lite has long been speculated. If they ever materialize, these rumored $99 items might be significant this Christmas. As well, the AirPods Max require an upgrade.

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