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Google Photos to backup RAW images: Just Be Careful.

The value of RAW images is well known to photographers who edit their work. The RAW version of a photo taken with a digital camera will contain all of the information that the sensor immediately captured. The size of this kind of image is typically large, which can be a problem if your storage space is constrained. Now that Google Photos will back up your RAW photos for you automatically, the feature may end up being more detrimental than helpful.

If you ever lose the data on your device, you will appreciate how useful Google Photos is for backing up your photos online. While the majority of people will benefit from backing up all of their JPGs, some power users might have extra RAW files to back up, especially if they are using an Android flagship with a camera-focused design. Although you could set this folder to be backed up previously, the process was not ideal. By encouraging users to back up their RAW files and displaying them in the main feed, Google Photos is now improving the experience.

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On a Pixel 8 that had previously taken RAW photos using the Pixel Camera app, 9to5Google has noticed that Google has added a new banner informing users that their RAW files will now be backed up and displayed in the primary Photos view.

The report states that clicking a RAW image now instantly uploads both the RAW and a JPEG because Pixels cannot shoot in RAW-only mode. A “RAW” badge and the uploaded image are now visible in the main Photos feed. JPEG files are regarded as being a part of the photo “burst.”

According to 9to5Google, Google Photos now shows a notification informing users that RAW photos will appear in the Photos view and be backed up when using a Pixel 8 with RAW capture enabled in the Camera app. These pictures are marked as RAW when they are uploaded, but there is a switch to view them as JPEGs instead.

While many people probably appreciate Google backing up and saving their RAW images automatically, it might have been preferable for Google to give Photos users the option. The RAW file is currently being backed up even if the Storage saver option is selected in Photos preferences Backup Backup quality. Depending on how much data is stored on your device or on Google One storage, you might quickly run into a problem. We’re not sure if this is intentional or just a mistake on Google’s part during the early stages of a rollout.

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The user experience is still being improved, and Google seems to be paying more attention to Photos. For instance, Android 14 has updated the share menu in Photos. Now, you can share a link, make a new album, add a photo to it, and send a photo through the Photos app. Before sending the photo, you can crop it or make other edits while viewing the preview.

The business expanded the availability of its mobile photo editing tools by releasing them for desktop use in August 2023. Depending on the type of photo you’re looking at, you’ll find Dynamic, Portrait, and Color Pop options when you open the editing menu for an image. You’ll see additional tabs that let you change different settings right next to the Suggestions option. These include contrast, HDR level, saturation, and brightness. Many of these features are only available to users of Google One’s premium edition.

Some of these changes made by Google may be useful to you whether you’re a professional photographer or just occasionally dabble in photo editing. That said, when you consider some of the mandatory features, frustration might also be unavoidable. Because of this, using photo editing software rather than Google Photos’ built-in tools can help you avoid getting stuck.

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