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You Can Now Delete Your Personal Data from Google Search



Remove Personal Data Google New Privacy Settings

Google has made it easier to keep your personal information hidden from web searches by introducing a new privacy setting.

More categories of material, such as personal contact information such as phone numbers, emails, and addresses, will be removed from search results, according to the company’s announcement on Friday.


The new policy also gives you the option of removing any information that might put you at danger of identity theft, such as critical login passwords.


In a statement, the corporation said that free and open access to information is crucial. “However, it is equally critical to provide individuals with access to the tools they need in order to defend themselves and keep sensitive personal information private.”


Privacy and online security are intimately intertwined, and it’s critical to exercise caution while searching for sensitive personal information when using the Internet, according to the expert.

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Earlier Google searches enabled us to request the removal of very personal information that had the potential to cause immediate damage to others.


This includes information that has been destroyed as a result of the disclosure, as well as personal information such as bank account and credit card details that might be exploited for identity theft or other crime.


However, the corporation said that the policy must be updated when more information comes in unexpected places and is utilized in novel ways as a result of the rise in information.


Publishing personal contact information on the internet may also be a security risk, and Google has confirmed that it has received a request for a feature that would allow users to withdraw their material.


The requestor was informed that he would analyze every material on the website in order to prevent restricting the availability of important information and content in public records maintained by the government and other official websites.

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Remember that removing information from Google Search does not mean that it is no longer available on the Internet, so if you are satisfied with it, we suggest contacting your hosting site directly,” he stated. Yes, I am. -agency


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