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Year of return 2019, what does it mean?

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The Year of Return, Ghana 2019 is an initiative of the government of Ghana that is intended to encourage African Diasporas to come home to settle and invest in the continent. This initiative was formally launched by His Excellency President Nana Akuffo Addo in September 2018 in Washington, DC. (Quoted on Wikipedia)

And already the Year of Return campaign has seen massive success as the likes of Samuel L Jackson, Steve Harvey, Sam Richardson and a whole lot of Hollywood celebrities, Artists using the opportunity to visit their routes and the destination being Ghana. And not forgetting Conan O’Brien who was in Ghana recently. Even though their visit is a boost to our Entertainment Industry and Tourism Industry the fact is we cannot ignore our Tech Ecosystem. It needs to have it first share too.


Now let’s talk about technology and what the Year of Return means for the Ghana Tech Ecosystem and how it can benefit from it. Well for starters there are some few startups or tech startups that we’ve taken a double look at what they do and we believe it better to do a feature of them.

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This is not a list of priority


Visit Ghana – Year of return

Dext Tech  – A tech startup committed to innovating solutions to pertinent challenges in Ghana and beyond

KudiGo   – A consumer retail tech startup innovating solutions for informal and micro retailers in Africa

Zipline Ghana –   Lifesaving medical drone delivery service

BorlaDaakye  – Waste management company

Zeepay  – A Fintech Company

eCampus    – EduTech startup

Aftown  – A music streaming platform

Harmattan Rain – Music and arts curating platform for emerging and alternative music by Africans

Zaacoal  – makes clean and affordable charcoal from the city waste

AgroCenta   – Agrictech startup improving the financial livelihood of smallholder farmers through fair trade.

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Hubtel  – Fintech Company/startup

Bit Sika – A Fintech platform that lets you send money using cash or cryptocurrency

So we encourage all African Diasporas as they make their journey home, don’t just focus on the tourism aspect but rather the Tech Ecosystem. Have a look at this list and event do some research online about tech companies or startups in Ghana, reach out to them, visit them and even invest help them grow/ expand to other continents or countries.

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