For Android Developers - What Is Like To Penetrate Android App Market (Google Play)

Android App Developers around the world, Oh yeah! We all know how easy the android market is, but the question should come to mind for new android app developers who want to create an app. How easy is it to get into the android market? It’s simply putting up simple codes to create an app for any other purpose or whatsoever for android users.

For Android Developers - What Is Like To Penetrate Android App Market (Google Play)

Creating apps for Android and for iOS may seem very similar to the untrained eye, but the truth is that each of these two operating systems has its own peculiarities. There are many differences when it comes to Android and iOS − both in the technical foundations of app development and in the process of creating an application itself. So let’s let iOS slide for today and let’s dig deeper into the android app market for android app developers.


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Google Play has over 2 million apps and counting

What’s the take on that is the Android app market easy to penetrate? To some extent it is, android has over 2.1 million apps, oh yeah so, many apps which in some cases you don’t even see in your store. And when it comes to the OS with many apps, no one gets close. Besides rarely charging for listing an app there are several more advantages for choosing an alternative to Google Play.

Android App Developers - Finding Success In Google Play

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The marketplace itself costs nothing to upload your app but this doesn’t mean it is full of terrible apps. Each app has to pass through a selection process to check for malware and to keep a high quality of 1Mobile Market apps. When it comes to marketing android app is also another thing.

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Android developers enjoy fewer restrictions

In general terms, it’s easy to code android apps than any other operating system. Most of the time Google does not give so many complications as apple use. But for every developer it’s good you stay on track to make sure you give the best out of your app especially updates.



To have an android app can be easy, as to when you want, you can easily move yourself up on the ladder with ease. Their market may look crowded but it’s not that cheap. It’s well scrutinized and well checked by Google. Give users what they want and you are good to go.

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