How To Use Videos To Grow Your Tech Business





For a long time, technology businesses have used video marketing to their benefit. It can be seen in Apple’s classic 1984 advertisement and modern-day animated explainer films. Most digital companies realized that they should attract a broad audience for their brand promotion. They must make their products and services readily and rapidly understood. Online video editors are an excellent tool for making such videos.


Video aids in conveying these complex topics in an interesting way. Whether you’re attempting to onboard a new user to your company or introduce yourself to a new audience, a video aid is one of the most effective ways of taking you and your company to the next level.


Why should you use videos?

Assume you own a software platform. It allows a store’s inventory to be updated in real-time. It employs a unique methodology. It assists retailers in determining when, how much, and how frequently they will require fresh inventory shipments. It also updates the e-commerce pages and reflects the inventory of more instantaneous and out-of-stock products. A good online video editor can help you to create interesting and creative videos.


A good video can describe who you are as a company. It can describe what you do as a brand. It can also show how you can benefit your consumers. It tells your audience how you’re better than your competitors. When your audience is in the research stage of the buyer’s journey, video is the type of material that will capture their interest the most. Here are some benefits to using videos in your business:


  • Expand your reach by sharing videos on social media.

People nowadays carry search engines in their pockets. It is becoming critical to position your product or service to solve people’s issues on the internet. Getting started on social media is a beautiful way to introduce your company. Consider how many new goods, services, or companies you encounter daily when reading through social media. You can begin to publish captivating videos on social media for this same purpose.


Your small business may increase its reach and catch up with the larger companies out there. Videos allow you to tell your brand’s narrative, while also amusing your audience. It is done in a way that is more immediate and engaging.


  • Use a webcam video to promote a local event on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a place where individuals look for new networking possibilities while focusing on their professional growth. That doesn’t mean you can’t inject some fun into their news feeds. You can do this by carefully employing video material. Promoting an event via video may be a fun way to increase its reach. You can show what your company has to offer. It also encourages others to learn more about it.


You may organize a variety of events, from informative webinars to AMA (ask-me-anything) sessions. These events allow your followers and new visitors to learn more about your firm and the people who work there. Take advantage of this strategy to interact with your audience and demonstrate your value. You can maximize your budget by using any good Online Video Editor.


With well-edited videos, you’ll not only be able to convert first-time visitors into email leads, but you’ll also be able to convert existing subscribers into paying customers. Allowing your audience to ask questions after your presentation is a guaranteed method to increase engagement. This strategy will make it simple to establish a connection with your audience, leading to them returning for future events.


  • Recap a popular Facebook blog post.


If your written posts aren’t getting the interaction you desire, despite your clever language, simply rehashing a successful blog article in a video might attract Facebook users to consume your material.


  • Show your company’s culture on Instagram.


Videos that display the individuals in an organization are unique to watch since they have a personal touch. It gives your audience a sense of what your company is all about. 


  • On Twitter, respond to a query about assistance.


Take your customer service to the next level. Use video to respond to support-related queries on Twitter. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry. You don’t need anything high-end, and any of these films can be made with just an iPhone and your imagination.


  • Create a video for a special announcement.


The printed word does not always do justice to the real excitement of making announcements. Video is the ideal tool for expressing your emotions behind any significant announcement relating to your company. Create buzz about your company’s big sale, or product reveal in a more personal way through these videos. Your genuine self will show through, and others will sense it as well.


How easy is it to create a video?


Making a video is no longer the exclusive domain of experts, nor is it an expensive endeavor.

You can get incredible results by doing this on your own with just a little time and effort.  

InVideo is a free online video editor. It helps in producing high-quality video content in less than 10 minutes. The ease of use and beautiful aesthetics are the two best advantages of utilizing InVideo to make great videos.


The fact that it is entirely free to use is one of its best features. It offers a free plan instead of a free trial. With the free plan, you can utilize ALL of the editing features. The only constraint is that you can only produce and export utf8 files.  



Don’t believe that creating great video content is exclusively for agencies or direct-to-consumer companies. One of the most critical sectors that may profit from video marketing is the technology sector. Now is the moment to start making professional videos to promote your business if you’ve invented the latest and greatest software, are launching your crowdfunding campaign, or have been around for a long time but haven’t given videos any attention.


Videos may be used for more than just amusement. The simple mention of the term “video” in your email subject line improves open rates by 19%. In comparison, videos on landing pages may increase conversion rates by over 80%. Customers also indicate that videos assist them in making purchasing decisions in 90% of cases.



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