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Agrictech Startups Changing Farming Face in Ghana

Agrictech startups that are changing the face of farming in Ghana


Agrictech startups with new ways of farming

the new way of farming or let’s say using technology in farming is what these Agrictech startups are about. Technology is here to stay and this is not even debatable. most of the times, the questions we’ve been asking ourselves is how do we use technology to improve the agricultural face in Ghana. Countries using technology in their agriculture have seen their yield or produce an increase in fold and time was running out for Ghana agricultural sector if we don’t utilize the tech in agric. These Agrictech startups are doing well to help change the agric sector.

Agrocenta  – an Agrictech startup company founder by Francis Obirikorang and Michael K Ocansey in 2015. Is an online platform that connects the smallholder farmer in the staple food (rice, maize, millet, and soybean)

Agrocenta has been on a path of success with winning the World Export Development Forum 2017 and later went on to win Seed stars Summit 2018 

Agrocenta Seed stars Summit 2018


CowTribe – an agrictech company founder in 2016 provides on-demand and subscription-based animal vaccine delivery services to farmers in Ghana. Henceforth, CowTribe in less than 18 months has served over 29,000 farmers in 119 communities in Ghana.

TrotroTractor – a company that is making it easier for farmers to access tractors at an affordable price.

Complete Farmer – Agrictech Company provides a remarkable and innovative agribusiness solution to their clients to enhance productivity, increase profitability and help them gain a competitive advantage across the agricultural value chain.

Agro Innovation (Akokotakra) – a mobile web technology for the poultry industry that handles single and multiple farms at different locations to put the farm owner/manager in full control of his business and to maximize productivity.





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