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How To Pitch A Brilliant Startup Idea Successful


How to pitch ideas the golden rules for success

Okay so you’ve got that idea on paper and a whole lot of research has gone into that idea.  What’s next for you? Implementing the idea in the real world Or you’re already in the startup stage needing some BIG investors onboard to scale up the business. Well then pitching the right way is everything and sometimes you only get one shot at it …AND YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS THAT! that pitch has to be on point.  In this post, we’ve outlined a few points on how to pitch the right way and win that investor!

Rules for pitching

  • Introduction – Who are you and why you are here? Remember to keep it short and sweet!

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  • Team – this is the part where you introduce the people behind the idea and describe the role they play.


  • Problem – identify that problem your startup or idea is solving.


  • Advantages – you identify what makes your solution to the problem special and how are you different from the competition?


  • Solution – Describe your plans to solve the problem


  • Product – Does your product or service work? Show some examples to prove your point


  • Business Traction – means the progress of a startup company and momentum it gains as the business grows.


  • Market Size – the size of your target market.


  • Competition – who is your rival in the market?


  • Business Model – How are you planning to make money?


  • Investing – What is your planned budget? What amount of money are you looking to acquire?


  • Contact – Leave your contact details and let people know how to reach you quickly!

That all we can give ?? and good luck to you. Happy Pitching


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