Startups guide to the top of their competition

Starting your own business or be an entrepreneur represents freedom. Freedom to be your boss, financial freedom and freedom to build something on your own.  Many startups fail in the early stages because they fail to get things right from the start. 90% of Startups fail and only 10% of it survives. Here are five (3) things every startup must do to able to avoid the 90% failure mark.


Set up a mobile website for your startup

80% of internet users own a smartphone globally – and over 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up. So setting up a mobile website is the most important task to do. And your site must look good and work well when people view your website on their mobile device. If your customers can’t easily read your content and navigate your website on their mobile device, they will go somewhere else.

set up a mobile website

     Make a list of your expectations

Every startup owner should have a list of their top customers and their top expectations they keep handy. The list should be visible all the time, tapes on a desk or posted on the wall and even on their smartphone. It often takes some research and homework to identify expectations, and in the day – to –day rush of business that can be hard. So go on the web, do some research on contact might be your potential customers.

make a list of your expectation


   Develop a good marketing plan

Developing a good marketing plan is essential for every startup.  To land some big customers you must have a good and effective marketing plan for your startup and that can be by doing some strategic planning. Clarify and narrow your target markets and figure out the best ways to reach your targets. Set up a marketing budget and marketing vehicles so will be set to go.

Develop a good marketing plan

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