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Is the Apple Pencil Getting an OVERHAUL? Rumors Suggest Interchangeable Tips for iPad Pro

New Apple Pencil rumors

Apple has included the second-generation Apple Pencil with its iPad Pro models. Even though the iPad Pro series is currently three generations ahead, Apple continues to sell the same stylus. Although there have been previous rumors of a new pencil, none of them have materialized. 


Apple Pencil iPad Pro

According to a fresh rumor making the rounds, the next attachment could include interchangeable tips that snap on and off magnetically to make it easier to swap. This could provide creative professionals with a new reason to upgrade their current stylus. According to one expert, this modification will enable users to carry just one pen unit while carrying out different jobs.


Interchangeable magnetic tips

Users may adapt the Apple Pencil for various tasks, including painting, technical drawing, and drawing, thanks to the interchangeable tips.  Additionally, it would make it simpler to swap out the tip when it breaks or wears out.


According to the post below, the Apple Pencil 3’s multiple tips will be used for “drawing, technical drawing, and painting.” The article also includes a picture of three tips that may be magnetically added to the Apple Pencil 3 and come in varying sizes and thicknesses. The rumor makes no mention of whether or not these tips will be sold independently or in conjunction with the new attachment.


We have a sense that the newer version will only include one tip in the box, with users being forced to buy the other tips because we are familiar with Apple’s commercial practices.



Regarding interoperability, the Apple Pencil 3 might be compatible with all iPad versions that enable pens, providing customers who don’t want to spend more money on the iPad Pro lineup with a wide range of creative options. Since the new OLED iPad models are anticipated to be unveiled next year, the new attachment may also be seen then, despite the tipster’s lack of a launch date.


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