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MTN Momo Merchants To Request For ID Cards Before Transactions

MTN MoMo has stated that beginning April 2, all MoMo users will be required to provide valid identification cards before any MoMo cash-out (drawing) transaction can be executed.


All MoMo agents will be required to pick the ID type and input the ID card number given by the customer before the transaction can be completed as a result of this instruction.


The cards to be accepted are Ghana Card, Driving License, passport, voter’s ID, SSNIT ID, NHIS which will be the required valid Identification cards sanctioned to be used for transactions by MTN Ghana.



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According to the telecom giant “when an agent is performing a cash-out for a subscriber, the agent is required to select the ID type and enter the ID number of any accepted ID card provided by the subscriber provides.”



Eli Hini, the General Manager of MobileMoney Limited, commented on this, saying,

“In addition to being a regulatory necessity, the execution of this instruction will support MTN MoMo’s efforts to combat MoMo fraud in the nation.”




“MobileMoney Limited remains dedicated to fighting MoMo fraud and will continue to take steps to make the service safer,” said the company.

The necessity for an ID card for MoMo transactions is not new.




It has always been a component of MTN’s service offering, and it is strictly implemented at all MTN branch offices and service centers across the country.

MTN customers are asked to continue to follow the three Golden Rules for mobile money usage to keep MoMo usage safer.




Customers should never reveal their MoMo pin codes. They should never allow anyone to do business on their behalf. They must ignore any calls attempting to discuss their finances or get them to react to promotions in which they have not engaged.



Customers who make deposits in their wallets should also double-check that the monies have been received before leaving the vendor’s establishment.



MTN Mobile Money wants to reassure clients that it is committed to offering a secure, convenient, and safe Mobile Money experience.






In January 2017, MTN Ghana launched a merchant payment service called the MoMo Pay.
This move was carried out to encourage the digitalization of merchant payments in Ghana’s open markets.




Mtn Mobile money since its implementation in Ghana has created the pathway for millions of Ghanaians citizens to get access to financial services for the first time, thereby creating the mobile money payment ecosystem and deepening financial inclusion.




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