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How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Facebook?[2024]

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Social networking is a fantastic tool for connecting with and meeting new people.

You or another user might occasionally get “blocked” by another user.

Anyone may use this feature for any purpose.

Facebook does not reveal who has blocked you in order to respect users’ privacy or the feelings of others.

There is no list of users who have barred your account, and you are not notified when you are blocked.

You might be curious about how to determine if someone has blocked you.

This article demonstrates several methods for determining whether someone has blocked you on Facebook.

How to tell if someone has blocked you on Facebook?

Unfortunately, it might be difficult to tell the difference between a blocked account and a deactivated one.

They both no longer exist on Facebook, you cannot reach them, and you cannot view previous comments or likes, which are parallels between them.

There are a few things you can do even though Facebook won’t tell you if you were blocked, the other person canceled their account, or their account was banned.

Let’s begin straight away.

⁃ They don’t appear on your friends list.

First, sign into Facebook and select Friends from the menu on the left to access your Friends List. Next, select All Friends.

Next, enter the friend’s name into the search field.

If they don’t appear, it can mean they’ve blocked you.

⁃ That person cannot be tagged in postings.

Create a post on Facebook and try to tag the individual in it.

If you can’t tag them, they’ve either blocked you or unfriended you.

⁃ That person cannot be invited to any gatherings or groups.

Make an event on Facebook and try to invite your friend.

They have either blocked you or unfriended you if no results appear and their name is spelled correctly.

⁃ Their posts are no longer visible in your Facebook feed.

Take a look at your Facebook feed.

They may have blocked or unfriended you if you don’t see their posts.

Only if you are aware of their Facebook activity is this option for investigation possible, and even then, it may not be conclusive since Facebook’s algorithms may be choosing not to display their posts for other reasons.

They might still be your friends, but their privacy settings might be set to prevent you from seeing their postings.

⁃ Searches for the person yield no results.

Users of Facebook may often be searched.

Try using the search box at the top of the page to look up the person’s name on Facebook.

They have probably blocked or unfriended you if, despite the fact that their profile has not been erased, the friend no longer displays or if you get a notification saying that the requested content is unavailable.

⁃ In Facebook Messenger, you are unable to message that person.

Try utilizing Facebook Messenger to send the friend a message.

If you encounter an error notice, the person has probably blocked, unfriended, or had their profile erased.

⁃ The person’s profile page is hidden.

Try going to your friend’s profile if you chance to have a URL link for it.

They could have blocked you if you see a message saying that the content is not available.

What is the Difference Between Blocked and Unfriended?

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You must first realize that being blocked and being unfriended are two very different things.

You can still view a user’s profile, comments on shared pages, and any publicly available information they share even after they unfriend you.

You could even extend another buddy request to them.

However, if someone blocks your account, you won’t be able to view their profile or any of their interactions, updates, or comments.

Also, there is no way to get in touch with them.

In essence, if someone bans you on Facebook, they simply vanish (at least for you).

So, if you can still view them on the site but they aren’t listed in your Friends list, you weren’t blocked; you were simply unfriended.

How to get in touch with a Facebook User who blocked you ?

Sometimes a Facebook user will block you for a specific reason and may not want to share it with you.

That’s okay since it indicates that they had good justifications.

However, if they unintentionally blocked you or decided to unblock you if it happened months or years ago, they are likely to reply to your message.

Create a new Facebook Account

You can create a new Facebook page to contact the other user.

But, if they aren’t accepting your friend request, your messages will go to the Message Request folder.

If someone has blocked you in error, you can follow these steps to get unblocked:

• Create a new Facebook account with unique credentials, such as a new email, new username, etc.

• Search for the specific person that may have accidentally blocked you.

• Send a message using Messenger to ask them. Try to be respectful and don’t make them feel pushed to answer.

Remember that the above steps can frustrate the user who blocked you to the point of reporting you, leading to the reprimands found in the note mentioned below.

Why? The other user knows who you are.

They can easily report you to Facebook, which becomes associated with your real FB account.

Use a Friend of Friend’s Facebook Account to Send Messages

You can alternatively message the recipient using a different person’s Facebook account, but that approach might not always be successful.

You come out as pushy or desperate if you do this in an attempt to learn why they blocked you.

Additionally, there is a chance that the user will block the “sender’s” account.

In addition, it can aggravate the individual who stopped you and result in worse repercussions.

Send the Blocker an email

Google and other search engines have enormous power.

Find the person who blocked you and get their email address by clicking on links to other social networking sites, the phone book, search engine-indexed websites like blogs and forums, etc.

• Use “Google Search” or another search engine to find information on the recipient that blocked you.

• Obtain the necessary contact info, which is an email address.

• Contact the recipient via the email address you.

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