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How to Bypass YouTube AdBlock ban

One of the most popular video platforms, YouTube, has enjoyed tremendous success since its inception. In recent news, YouTube has blocked ad blockers on the platform, making it difficult for users to avoid the platform’s ads, which is one of the main ways the platform makes money. Go through this blog in its entirety to learn how to get around YouTube AdBlock detection.

When you attempt to use adblockers on YouTube, various ad block messages appear. The most typical of these are “Adblockers violate YouTube’s Terms & Conditions” and “Ad Blockers are Not allowed on YouTube.” Because they don’t want to see pointless advertisements and need an ad blocker that works on YouTube, users are quite frustrated by the error message.

How to Bypass YouTube AdBlock Detection?

On YouTube, using adblockers is the simplest way to remove intrusive ads. However, using an adblocker has proven to be quite challenging due to YouTube’s blocking of adblockers on the platform. I’ve covered how to get around YouTube’s AdBlock detection in the guide that is provided below.

Method 1: Bypass YouTube AdBlock Detection by Using a Top-Notch YouTube Ad Blocker.

You should be able to avoid being identified by YouTube if you use a powerful and dependable YouTube ad blocker. Choosing the best ad blocker for YouTube can be challenging, but don’t worry; I’m here to assist.

uBlock Origin is one of the top adblockers available for YouTube. A free and open-source browser extension for content filtering that also blocks ads is called uBlock Origin. You can use the extension on the browser of your choice.

Method 2: Bypass YouTube AdBlock Detection by Disabling JavaScript

You can try disabling JavaScript if you use the best ad blocker and still experience pop-up ads or freezes in your browser. Your problem will probably be solved if JavaScript is disabled on the website that is giving you trouble. Observe the instructions to disable JavaScript.

  • You need to Copy the URL of the website that has detected your ad blocker. In our case, it is YouTube.
  • Click the three dots on the upper right of your Chrome browser.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Head to Privacy and Security and tap on Site Settings.
  • Select the JavaScript.
  • Now paste the URL under the Not allowed to use JavaScript category.
  • Head back to the website and refresh it, and voila, you have successfully freed yourself from ad block detection.1

Method 3: Bypass YouTube AdBlock Detection by Installing a User Script Manager

All browsers are compatible with a variety of extensions that can be used to manage user scripts and get around AdBlock detection. The two most well-liked of these extensions are Grease monkey and Tamper monkey. You won’t experience AdBlock detection once you manage user scripts with these extensions. The extensions can change the layout of your page as well.

One of the most widely used video streaming services is YouTube. The platform updates its app every other day to meet the demands of its audience. Many users have recently voiced their displeasure over YouTube’s ban on ad blockers. Read the entire article and tell your friends about it if you want to learn how to get around YouTube’s AdBlock detection.

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