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How YouTube’s Get Money

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You might have opened a YouTube channel and produced some videos. You’ve seen that you are acquiring subscribers, and each of your videos is starting to show positive view numbers. You still haven’t figured out how to monetize your videos, though. You are a typical YouTuber if that applies to you.

This manual will walk you through the steps necessary to set up and start making money from your YouTube channel. How Much Money Do YouTubers Make? In A YouTuber’s Pocket Guide, we demonstrated how well-paid the most popular YouTubers are.

You could anticipate earning up to $55,000 per year from your films if you could average 50,000 daily video views.

The highest earners get far more than that.

So how exactly are YouTubers paid? The major ways you may monetize your channel were covered in How To Make Money On YouTube: Ways in which Influencers Monetize Their Youtube Channels. However, the majority of these strategies only work when your channel is already popular. By far the most typical source of income is via AdSense profits.

Before you have grown your numbers to the point where you are earning a respectable amount from advertising, it is unlikely that you will be in a position to even consider merchandising, sponsorship, subscriptions, or even successfully growing up as an affiliate.

To determine how much money your channel will make from YouTube, use the calculator below.

How Do YouTubers Get Paid

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Build up Your Audience First

Many people have made unsuccessful attempts to generate quick money online. For many years, it has been a common misconception that anyone can get rich overnight online if they just know “the secret.” Online con artists selling their “secrets” are the only ones in reality generating a fortune overnight.

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However, it takes time to make good money online.

Building an audience on your YouTube site is necessary before it can generate income, just as it takes time to develop a website or blog to the point where it is well-known and able to do so. The only situation in which this rule might be broken is if you first achieved prominence in another role.

In that case, moving your current fans or audience to your new video channel would probably be simple. It wouldn’t be difficult to promote your YouTube channel to your present readers, for instance, if you are already well-known as a good blogger and have had experience making money from your blog.

However, everyone else is viewed as a novice YouTuber who needs to establish their credibility and reputation before they can think about making money off of their videos.

You need to build up a library of quality videos, targeted at a specific audience, and work on promoting these videos, through social media or any other means you can think of, to gain a subscriber base, before moving to the charging phase.

Create Your Monetization Channel

You might begin to consider making money if you have a following. Before you can accomplish this, you must follow a proper procedure on YouTube. Start by making your account monetization-ready. Joining the YouTube Partner Program is the initial step in this process.

You must concur to their terms, essentially resolving that you won’t engage in dishonest behavior.

The next step is to create an AdSense account on YouTube if you don’t already have one. This procedure is not very complicated. You will need to inform Google of the location, in this case, your YouTube channel, where the advertisements will be used.

Be advised that operating a Google Adsense account to monetize your videos may not be possible in some regions of the world. Google maintains a list of the approved nations where YouTube can be monetized. Your application will be granted right away if you already have an Adsense account, perhaps because you currently use it on your blog.

Your YouTube channel will then be attached to your existing account. You are directed to your Upload Defaults screen after creating an AdSense account (or linking your YouTube channel to an existing account). A checkbox with the label “Monetize With Ads” is located around halfway down the list of choices.

You must click this box to be asked to verify that you understand what you’re doing and that you own the rights to your videos. It is crucial to stress that videos that contain copyrighted content from other individuals cannot be made into money. This includes the instrumental music (even if you legally purchased the music from somewhere like the iTunes store).

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