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Online Ticket apps are here to stay

Ok, do you remember the last time you went out to get/buy tickets for an event or concert you had to attend? Well, I do, I also remember the struggle I have to go through to secure a ticket. Good times, right? I doubt… well, those days when you have to struggle before you can secure tickets are over as we look at these ticket apps platforms for events in Ghana.  These ticket apps are also making the event organizer’s job easy by providing them with ticketing solutions for their events.

ticket apps ayatickets

Ayatickets – Ayatickets Ltd is a ticketing solution for express and authentic tickets to events. They also handle and manage attendees on the day of the event which includes validating tickets.


TicketEX2TicketsEx2 is an online platform for the purchase of tickets for events, buses, and movies.


Egotickets – Egotickets helps event organizers and promoters add more value to their events by giving them a platform to promote their events and sell tickets online.


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