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Elevate Your Smartphone Experience with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro


In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, the HONOR Magic 6 Pro stands out as a true game-changer. With cutting-edge features, stunning design, and powerful performance, this flagship device is poised to redefine your mobile experience.


Design and Display

The Magic 6 Pro boasts a sleek and elegant design that catches the eye. Available in classic Black and the sophisticated Epi Green, it exudes premium craftsmanship. But it’s not just about looks — the 6.81-inch LTPO OLED display is a visual treat. With 1 billion colors, a 120Hz refresh rate, and HDR support, it delivers vibrant visuals even under bright sunlight. Whether you’re streaming videos, gaming, or browsing, the Magic 6 Pro’s display is a feast for the eyes.

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Performance and Speed

Under the hood, the Magic 6 Pro packs a punch. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset ensures seamless multitasking, while the Adreno 750 GPU handles graphics-intensive tasks effortlessly. With the 12GB of RAM and lightning-fast UFS 4.0 storage, this phone can handle anything you throw at it. Whether you’re editing photos, playing resource-intensive games, or running productivity apps, the Magic 6 Pro won’t break a sweat.

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Photography Redefined

The triple-camera setup on the rear is a photographer’s dream. A 50MP main sensor, a 50MP ultra-wide lens, and a 180MP telephoto lens capture stunning details, vibrant colors, and impressive low-light shots. Whether you’re capturing landscapes, portraits, or macro shots, the Magic 6 Pro delivers exceptional results. Plus, the 50MP front camera ensures your selfies are Instagram-worthy.


Battery Life

With a massive 5600mAh battery, the Magic 6 Pro keeps you connected all day long. Whether you’re attending virtual meetings, streaming content, or navigating with GPS, you won’t be reaching for the charger frequently. And when you do, the 66W fast charging gets you back to 100% in no time.




The Magic 6 Pro runs on MagicOS 8, a customized interface that enhances user experience. It’s intuitive, feature-rich, and optimized for performance. Plus, with Android 14, you get access to the latest features and security updates.


Brightness Brilliance

The Magic 6 Pro’s display isn’t just about size and resolution — it’s also about intelligent brightness management. With AI-driven adaptive brightness, the phone adjusts its screen brightness based on ambient lighting conditions. Whether you’re outdoors in the scorching UAE sun or indoors under soft lighting, the Magic 6 Pro ensures optimal visibility without straining your eyes. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and let the phone handle it seamlessly.

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Anti-Drop Display: A Shield for Your Screen

Accidental drops are an unfortunate reality of smartphone usage. But fear not — HONOR has your back. The Magic 6 Pro features an Anti-Drop Display that’s designed to withstand the unexpected. The corners of the display are reinforced with shock-absorbing materials. If your phone takes a tumble, these corners act as a buffer, minimizing the impact on the screen.


Additionally, the Magic 6 Pro’s display is protected by tough, scratch-resistant glass. Whether it’s keys in your pocket or a rough surface, the glass holds up against daily wear and tear.


So, whether you’re juggling tasks, snapping photos, or simply navigating through your apps, rest assured that the Magic 6 Pro’s display is ready to take on the world — drop by drop.



In a sea of smartphones, the HONOR Magic 6 Pro emerges as a symphony of innovation, harmonizing cutting-edge technology, elegant design, and user-centric features. Whether you’re a tech aficionado, a creative soul, or a professional on the move, this device hits all the right notes. So, keep an eye on HONOR Magic 6 Pro price in uae, because it is here to steal the spotlight. () ()

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