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How to buy Bitcoin in Ghana with Mobile Money [2024]


Buy bitcoin in Ghana

Looking at how and where to buy bitcoin in Ghana. As bitcoin stays in the news, with an all-time high price, In this article, with Mobile Money (popularly known as Momo), we look at the best platforms to buy bitcoin directly in Ghana.


how to buy bitcoin with mobile money

This guide covers buying MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, and AirtelTigoCash Money for Bitcoin in Ghana.



1 bitcoin in Ghana cedis as of today, the price of 1 bitcoin
in Ghana is GHS 225,348.92. Please do not that, the price for bitcoin keeps changing.



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What is Mobile Money?

Mobile Money is a payment method offered by telecommunications operators over their networks in Ghana that allows your telephone number to send and receive money. Currently, Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigoCash, and MTN Mobile Money are different providers of mobile money.


Electronic money (emoney) is broadly defined as an electronic store of monetary value on a technical device that may be widely used for making payments to entities other than the emoney issuer.

The device acts as a prepaid bearer instrument that does not necessarily involve bank accounts in transactions and mobile money is a vivid example of electronic money. (e-money)


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bitcoin investment in ghana

how to invest in bitcoin when you’re in Ghana? it’s simple, you buy and HODL it. Investing in bitcoin has great advantages and also disadvantages. You could make a lot of money now and you could lose all your money too. It’s best you take a lot of precautions when going into bitcoin.



Bitcoin And The Ghana Cedis (GHS)

Bitcoin is digital money, much like the Ghana Cedi (GHS), but Bitcoin is virtual instead of a paper and coin-based form of currency.

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PayPal Accepts Exchange Bitcoin And Other Cryptos In Your Wallet


Cryptocurrency helps us to safely and instantly transfer money globally from any point of the globe to another point with very minimal fees. In order to grasp the basic concepts of bitcoin, read our Bitcoin Explained to Newbies guide.



best crypto wallet ghana

You can get a wallet to store your Bitcoin before buying Bitcoin with mobile money. You may use multiple Bitcoin wallets



But we suggest Jaxx Liberty Wallet (for Android, iOS, and Desktop users) and Trust Wallet for the purpose of this post (for iOS and Android users) you may also do a bit of finding on these and other crypto wallets for the best choice.


You will need to fill your mobile cash wallet with some funds. After that, you will need to find a bitcoin exchange from Ghana that accepts mobile money.




buy bitcoin with momo

In Ghana, there are many bitcoin exchanges that allow you to buy bitcoin with mobile money, so you need to consider the convenience, speed, and exchange fees of the platform to choose one exchange.


buy bitcoin in ghana

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How to Buy Bitcoin with MTN Mobile Money

Here are four(4) ways you can buy bitcoin or crypto with your mobile money.

  • eBitcoinics is a popular cryptocurrency exchange based in Ghana. In the Ghanaian crypto-currency ecosystem, the local platform is well established, making it a trusted platform.


You will have to register on the exchange to purchase bitcoin with mobile money on eBitcoinics by clicking on the signup button and following the steps that pop up.

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buy bitcoin in ghana


Afterward, by checking your email address and mobile number, you will have to check your account.


Finally, by inserting the amount of Ghana Cedis (GHS) you want to use in purchasing your bitcoin, you can position your order on eBitcoinics.


Then you follow the steps, including the provision of your bitcoin address and the payment of mobile money. Immediately after this, you will receive your Bitcoin.



Without KYC authentication, Ebitcoinics has a limit on how much bitcoin you may purchase. KYC authentication allows you to use a legal document as evidence to prove your identity (this step is not necessary for readers buying relatively small amounts of bitcoin).


In addition to bitcoin, eBitcoinics also allows you in Ghana to buy DASH, Litecoin, and Ethereum with mobile cash.




  • Paxful isn’t your standard bitcoin exchange, unlike eBitcoinics. You will have to find buyers willing to accept mobile cash as payment for bitcoins to purchase bitcoin in Ghana with mobile money on Paxful.


Paxful is a bitcoin exchange peer-to-peer (P2P), meaning that without a third party, purchasing and selling bitcoin is done directly between the two parties.


By email, which is accompanied by email verification, you are allowed to sign up. Finally, via mobile money, you will have to find an individual selling bitcoin for payment. After the trade is carried out, you will obtain your bitcoin.

 For significant quantities of bitcoin acquisitions, Paxful often includes KYC




  • eBitpoint is an Accra-based exchange of cryptocurrencies that allows you to buy bitcoin with mobile money in Ghana. You have to build an account and deposit money in your Ghanaian Cedi wallet in order to purchase bitcoin on this exchange.
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Click on bitcoin after that and complete the purchase process. In your wallet on the exchange, the bitcoin will then appear.



Use MoMo To Buy Bitcoin On PAXFUL>>>CLICK HERE<<<


SMS alerts that come in handy when trying to keep a tab on events on your account are a unique feature of eBitpoint.



Another local bitcoin exchange that allows you to buy bitcoin in Ghana with mobile cash is Bushcom Financials. The app also enables you to get cash.

You will have to register to make your order, pay for it via mobile cash, and complete the process in order to use Bushcom Financials.



Yellow Card is the easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether instantly at the best rates with zero fees. Also makes it very easy to buy Bitcoin with your mobile money in Ghana just with your smartphone.

All you have to do is download the App from Appstore or Google Play







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How do I buy Bitcoin with Momo?

Here are 4 ways to buy bitcoin with mobile money(momo) wallet

How do I buy Bitcoin with MTN mobile money?

we look at the best platforms to buy bitcoin directly in Ghana. This guide covers buying MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigoCash Money for Bitcoin in Ghana.

How can I buy Bitcoin in Ghana?

In this article, we will focus on how you can buy Bitcoin in Ghana

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    • Have you bought some bitcoins? or do you have btc in any crypto wallet? then selling it shouldn’t be a problem. If not the first step in selling crypto is to buy some then HODL. there lots of platform you can do that eg Binance ebicoinics

  1. Hello sir i ve Seen it but because of certain thing that is around the cybercrime I hesitate to invest ,please I need a safest and a good cryptocurrency

    • There’s a lot of risk in cryptocurrency and we cannot tell you which cryptocurrency is good or bad but just do your research and find out what you think is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.
      Thank you


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