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MTN Nkomode [2023] – How to activate MTN Free after one (1) Offer



What is MTN Nkomode?

MTN Nkomode, also known as the MTN Free After One, is a fantastic call offer that allows subscribers to make low-cost phone calls to other MTN subscribers around the world.


mtn nkomode code

mtn nkomode code which is *550# and a unique number too, easy to remember. You will only be charged for the first minute of your call if you take advantage of this offer.


This means that when customers subscribe, their calls will be zeroed and they will only be charged for the first minute of the call.



mtn free after one

With the Nkomode offer, you can talk for as long as you want on MTN to MTN calls while only paying for the first minute of your call. Currently, you can call this number for free after one service for a period of 60 minutes. Following that, you will be disconnected.





MTN Free After 1 code 2022

USSD code 550 is used to communicate with Nkomode. To take advantage of this offer, dial *550# and follow the on-screen instructions to register.




Some MTN exciting Offers

The Sunday special offer costs just 1 Gh and gets you to talk the whole day.  Yes, 24 hours of talk and text.


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The special bundle offer, this bundle does not need any introduction as it’s the most popular data bundle offer among its customers. 460MB is purchased for just 3 GH and it does not expire.

Lastly, the MTN AKwaaba offer allows new MTN Ghana sim card users to select a special number for the call for a maximum of 6 months free of charge.


Enough of this… Now let’s pay attention to what the topic is about, MTN Nkomode.  In this article, we will look at the code, how to activate the MTN free after one (1) service, and get talking!


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About MTN Nkomode (free After 1)

About 4 years ago, the MTN free after one (1) offer was launched. This offer makes the users or customers of MTN Ghana make a phone call and only pay for the first minute.


In simple terms, you only pay for the first 1 minute. After that, the bill is on them (MTN). No matter how long you stay on the call, it’s still MTN paying.



mtn nkomode mtn free after one



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How to activate MTN Free After 1 Offer (Nkomode)

  • Step #1: First dial *550#


  • Step #2: select option 6


  • Step #3: Select 1: to Activate


  • Step #4: Select 1 again: to confirm the activation





After you have successfully registered for the MTN Nkomode, a GHS 0.30 deduction will be made on your account for every call you make, whether it’s for a sec or a minute, you’ll be deducted GH 0.30 as the cost for the first official minute.

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So if you’re making a lengthy or short call, just know that you’ve been charged 0.30 for the first minute.




How To Deactivate MTN Nkomode Free After One (1)

  • Step #1: Dial the number *550#


  • Step #2: select option 6


  • Step #3: Select Option 2 from the drop-down menu (Deactivate)


  • Step #4: After successfully deactivating your purchase, MTN will keep your account inactive until you activate it again.





mtn free after 1 code

The mtn free after 1 code is available for all mtn users, customers, or subscribers. To get on this offer, simply dial *550# and your mobile phone and follow the prompts to sign up.



Mtn included some interesting deals in the free after, and its not just for calls. You are also giving free MegaByte internet data to
browse on Facebook for free. Yes, for free.


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More on the Free After 1

An Additional 50MB free data bundle is added to your account as soon as you subscribe for the (MTN NKomode) free after 1 offer. More Minutes + 50MB data bundle. This data bundle is for your general use, even if you don’t browse the internet with the sim card, mtn gifts the 50MB to you with no attachment.


The MTN Nkomode or Free After One, (1) is basically for those who love engaging in lengthy calls and sharing unending gossip with partners, friends, family, and so on.  This is for you.


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Is MTN free after one for all networks?

Fortunately, the MTN free after one is for only MTN to MTN customers only. Maybe we can expect this is an “Mtn free after one for all networks” later but for now, it’s only MTN to MTN customers.

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What time does MTN free after the 1 start?

The MTN free after 1 starts from Monday the first day of the week and runs through to Sunday. So you will have a period of 7 days maximum to talk for free after 1 to your special person.


How can I register MTN free call?

So you want to register for MTN free call? well, I have got good news and bad news. the bad news is there is no MTN free call available no such thing! and the good news is MTN has a lot of offers on calls like the “mtn free after one, the magic number” and so on


Please note that MTN nkomode plan has changed recently and now the current plan is

you only pay for the 1st minute of any local call you make, you enjoy 10 MINUTES of free calls to mtn networks



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MTN nkomode code not working?

If you cannot access MTN NKOMODE, or if the code is not working, this simply means MTN Ghana has changed the USSD code to 550.
You just have to use the new USSD code *550#, then you choose free after one from the list.

How can I activate MTN Sunday special?

Text START to 5050 to activate. The Sunday special offer cost just only 1 Gh and gets you to talk the whole day. Yes 24 hours of talk and text

What is the code for MTN free after 1

First dial *550# • Select 6: to Activate • Select 1 again: to confirm the activation



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