Do It Yourself – How to register MTN mobile money online

mtn mobile money registration online

Steps to MTN mobile money online registration. Let’s look at how mtn mobile money has changed the money transfer system in Ghana. It is not surprising to see most business ventures or organizations choosing mtn mobile money as their preferred payment system.

How to Do your MTN Mobile Money Registration in 2021

With increasing insecurity and infrastructural costs mtn momo was going to be the number 1 destination when it comes to mobile payment. Security, simplicity, and convenience are some features of mtn mobile money.

If you don’t know how to get your sim card registered for mtn mobile money online, there’s not to worry about, in this post we will give you detailed steps on how to get it done.

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Mtn mobile money is a payment solution offered by the Telecommunication Giant MTN Ghana in a tie-up with multiple banks in the Country. The continuous spread of the internet to most parts of the African continent has made this mobile payment solution more available to many.

Stats on MTN Mobile Money

Mtn mobile money is currently used by over 200 million people from 22 different nations and still counting in Africa. Ghana, on the other hand, holds a fraction percentage of this payment system which is very known across the country.

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E-commerce businesses, shops, supermarkets, wholesalers, retailers, etc. all accept MTN mobile money as their preferred method of payment.  Thereby making this payment method one that cannot forgo without

How can I register MTN mobile money online?

Now, know this, you cannot use mtn mobile money without having or opening an account with them. This will help you transfer money or funds online using the MyMTN mobile app or the mobile money website.

mtn mobile money registration online

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Also, note that mtn momo has a limit for the daily amount of money you can withdraw or transfer within a day.

Check out these steps on how to register your mtn mobile money online with the web

  • Visit the MTN mobile money website and click on “Register”
  • Enter your username (Phone number and PIN)
  • After enter the auto-generated captcha displayed below your username
  • Type in the one-time password you received
  • Note down the password for easy reference
  • Repeat password again in the 3rd space
  • After, click “Continue”
  • Dial *126*1# to authorize your phone to access MTN web money

MTN mobile money online registration with the app

For those who will be interested in using the app to register. Here are the details. MTN Ghana has simplified the information on the app to make it easy to register. For example, sending money, making payments, eg. bills, buying data and airtime all and others can be done on the app.

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MTN mobile money registration through the app is easy and secure. The app works on all mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

  • First, download the app from PlayStore or AppStore depending on your choice, install My MTN app
  • Open the app, enter your personal details such as First and Last name
  • Enter your gender
  • Tap on the list box and choose your country
  • Enter date of birth (DOB)
  • Enter contact these details;
  • Your number
  • Address number 1
  • Address number 2
  • Address number 3
  • Enter the city you live in
  • Input Post Code

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After you’re done registering your mobile money account, then supposing if have been locked out of your account. Here’s how to unlock your mobile money account.

Many factors go into your mtn momo account been locked, maybe you forgot your password and typed in a wrong password, or someone tried accessing your account with a different password, whatever the case is here’s how to help you unlock the account.

  • Dial *170#
  • Select option 6 ( My wallet)
  • Select option 5, “Change and reset password”
  • Select option 2 to reset the password
  • Type in your new password

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Another option

  • Visit nearest MTN Office
  • Take your National identification along with you
  • Give your name and other details to the staff
  • Let them know how much you have in your wallet
  • A text notification will be sent to you to reset your password
  • If you need help resetting your password, alert the staff they will be happy to assist
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