How to Do your MTN Mobile Money Registration in 2021

mtn mobile money registration

To get started with the Mtn Mobile Money(momo) Registration, you must first have your sim card which gives us access to get registered for MTN Mobile Money account. If you don’t have a sim, it’s impossible to get registered.

The MTN teleco has been around in Ghana for 25 years and with the most customers across the country. Not surprising that MTN Mobile Money is the most preferred financial(fintech) platforms choice in Ghana. With this momo, agent can be accessed easily.

Many in Ghana are using MTN mobile money in place of bank accounts due to the easy accessibility to agents, mobile financial transactions, fast and reliable too. One of the benefits of MTN Mobile money is, you can receive remittances from their relations, friends, and business partners abroad on their mobile money account easily. Within minutes, you receive funds on your phone and are ready to withdraw without any troubles.

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In this article, we will give you a detailed guide on How to get started with MTN Mobile Money Registration or MTN Mobile Money Merchant

Things Needed For Your Mtn Mobile Money Merchant Account Registration To Get Started

mtn mobile money registration
  • Registered MTN sim with your official name on your national document eg Passport, Driving License, National Health Insurance Card (NHIS) and Voter ID Card
  • Proof of residence
  • Choose your four(4) secret PIN Code

Guides To Registration Of MTN Mobile Money Account

  • Locate any MTN Mobile Money Agent

Locate any momo agent near you and talk to them about registering for MOMO, they will assist you to get on with it. Note, you cannot register for momo if your sim card is not registered. Get your registered sim card and a valid national ID to begin the process.

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  • National Identification

After you have registered your sim, get to any momo agent or MTN office near and tell them you want to get registered for MTN mobile money account. Your valid ID and personal information will be demanded from you to begin.

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Personal information like area of residence, your next of kin, date of birth (DOB), etc. any national ID that has been previously used to register for mtn momo cannot be used again, always use an ID which has not been used for momo registration before.

  • Picture or Image Verification

Your picture or image will be taken by the officer who is in charge of registering your account. This picture helps authenticate your account and make sure any fraud activity that will happen against your account will be protected.

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  • 4-digit PIN code

At this stage, you will be told to choose any 4 secret PIN code of your choosing. This will be your code for making and cash deposits or withdrawals from your account. So do keep this code safe, memorize it if you could because, with it, you cannot use your mobile money (momo) account. This is the final stage of the registration process.

  • Initial Deposit

This is a compulsory request from MTN MOMO, you will be asked to deposit any amount into your wallet to activate your momo account. The amount shouldn’t be anything less than Ghs 5.

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