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Invest Like a Pro: Exclusive Guide to EDC Ecobank Investment with Ecobank Ghana


How does Ecobank EDC work?

EDC Ecobank is an investment for you. By investing your money, you are obtaining funds that may be used to produce more funds, either by collecting interest on the money you have saved or by purchasing and selling assets that appreciate.


ecobank edc meaning

This is a subsidiary of Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI), a pan-African banking group. EDC serves as the investment banking arm of the group, offering various financial services, eg. project financing, investment banking, and Asset management.



EDC investment

Putting your money into investments may help you enhance your wealth. Long-term returns on your money may be obtained through most investments, such as stocks, certificates of deposit, and bonds; however, there are certain exceptions.


This return permits your money to grow, resulting in the accumulation of wealth over time.

Here’s all you need to know about the fantastic investment opportunity that Ecobank offers.



ecobank edc interest rate

For daily updates on ecobank edc interest rates; EDC ALLIANZ FUND. Inception date: 2020, 3.89% at 30.10.2023 Find out more here




Ecobank EDC Investment

A unit trust, the Ecobank Development Corporation (EDC) Ghana Fixed Income Fund, collects money from unitholders and invests it on their behalf in fixed-income securities such as Treasury bills and bonds, corporate bonds, fixed deposits, and other types of fixed-income instruments.

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Who are the fund managers?

The EDC Ghana Fixed Income Fund is managed by EDC Investments Limited, a subsidiary of Ecobank Capital that specializes in asset management.




What is the fund structure?

Corporate bonds, fixed deposits, and government debt instruments, among other types of fixed-income securities, are among the investments made by the fund in this category.





How much can I invest in EDC Ecobank?

Minimum initial investment amount – GH¢ 50 Minimum top-up investment amount – GH¢ 20

What are the modes of payment?

  • Cash and cheque payments at EDC or any Ecobank branch.


  • Standing order from investor’s bank account to EDC Ghana Fixed Income Fund.


  • Funds Transfer.


  • Post-dated cheques for periodic payments.






How do I start investing in the EDC Ghana Fixed Income Fund?

  • Step #1: Pick and complete an application form from EDC or any Ecobank branch.


  • Step #2: Add one passport picture and a photocopy of any valid national ID.


  • Step #3: Pay in full on subscription – minimum startup of GH¢ 50 and minimum top-up of GH¢ 20.


  • Step #4: Submit the document to the officer in charge.




How long should I be in the Fund?

A person has the option to invest in the fund for as long as he or she desires. The ability to withdraw in part or in whole without incurring a penalty is provided. On all deposits, however, there is a 0.5 percent front-loading fee that must be paid.

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What can I invest in EDC Ecobank?

  • Home Purchase / Mortgage / Vehicle acquisition.


  • Financing of children’s education.


  • Retirement plan.


  • Starting a business.


  • Others.





ecobank edc interest rate?

The EDC Ghana Fixed Income Fund does not have fixed interest because the funds are invested in various fixed-income securities.


The fund seeks to outperform the returns on the Government of Ghana Treasury note. Below is the return of the fund for 2013 as compared to Treasury note returns.





What are the risks of investing in the Fund?

  • The possibility that the issuer of fixed income security, may not be able to make interest payments and/or repay the principal on maturity.


  • With the imposition of a front-load charge, an investor who redeems his / her units after a short period may not realize the amount originally invested.





Who can invest in the EDC Ghana Fixed Income Fund?

Any individual adult, any institution, organization, or group of people who want to take advantage of the good investment opportunity offered by the EDC Ghana Fixed Income fund. An adult could also invest in the fund In Trust For (ITF) a child.

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How can an investor monitor the progress of his / her EDC Ghana Fixed Income Fund?

  • A contract note showing the number of shares purchased, the amount deposited, and the purchase price will be sent to clients by email.


  • Half-year and annual statements will be sent by email to all clients.


  • Statements can also be printed or emailed upon request.


  • The unit price of the fund can be obtained from the Ecobank website.





How can the money be withdrawn (Units be redeemed) from the investment?

Money can be withdrawn by making an application to the fund manager either directly or through any Ecobank branch and redemption is processed within a maximum of 5 working days.


Please visit EDC Ecobank website or any Ecobank branch near you for more information on EDC Ecobank



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