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How to Register for AirtelTigo Money Yourself in 2024



What is AirtelTigo Cash?

It is possible to send and receive money via AirtelTigo Money, which is a mobile financial service available to all AirtelTigo subscribers.



It also enables clients to purchase airtime, pay bills, and make purchases of products and services directly from their mobile phones.


Because the actions of this service are closely monitored by the Bank of Ghana, there is no need to be concerned about utilizing it.


How to Register for AirtelTigo cash. AirtelTigo Money has made it so easy for us to send and receive money through a faster and more secure channel, either through our mobile phones or through a registered AirtelTigo Money agent.



AirtelTigo Money is a service provided by AirtelTigo Ghana in collaboration with a few selected banks in Ghana that are officially licensed by the Bank of Ghana.




AirtelTigo Money

Prior to the introduction of Mobile Money interoperability, AirtelTigo’s services were intriguing in that you could send money to anyone in Ghana via any network.



This alone makes AirtelTigo a very appealing and convenient method of sending and receiving money via mobile phones.



Looking at AirtelTigo Money in Ghana is one of the most widely used Mobile Money services in Ghana, used for sending, receiving, and making payments throughout the country. 


Previously, Airtel Money and Tigo Cash operated as mobile money services in Ghana until the merger of both networks, resulting in AirtelTigo Ghana.


As a result, these two mobile networks merged their mobile money services, creating AirtelTigo Money.


Despite the fact that you can use AirtelTigo Money to send and receive money, you can also use it to make payments online via Google Play Store and other mobile money payment platforms. You can use your AirtelTigo Money for the following purposes:



AirtelTigo Ghana has made it simple for subscribers to sign up for AirtelTigo Money in Ghana, with two options available.

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You can either register AirtelTigo Money yourself or go to the office to do so.



How to Register AirtelTigo Cash or  Money Account Yourself

How to Register for AirtelTigo cash


There is no need to leave your room to register for AirtelTigo Money because you can do so by following the simple steps outlined below.


  • Step #1: Dial *110# on your mobile phone


  • Step #2: AirtelTigo Money will prompt you to set a mobile money PIN Code


  • Step #3: Enter your 4-digits PIN Code


  • Step #4: Re-enter your PIN Code to confirm


  • Step #5: Your account will now be activated for you



You have now completed the registration process for your AirtelTigo Money wallet and can begin using it to send money, receive Mobile money cash from AirtelTigo Money users, or from users of other networks’ Mobile Money.





How to Register for AirtelTigo Money at Any AirtelTigo Money Merchant


You can also register for the AirtelTigo Money wallet by visiting the nearest AirtelTigo Money office in Ghana.

  • Visit any nearby AirtelTigo office nearby


  • Provide the AirtelTigo Money merchant with your ID Card


  • Provide your other personal details as part of the requirements to be taken


  • The merchant will register for your money wallet


  • You will be required to enter your AirtelTigo MoMo PIN as your secret code.




Airtel, the world’s fastest-growing telecommunications company, has launched Airtel Money Bosea in collaboration with Fidelity Bank, one of Ghana’s leading indigenous banks, and Tiaxa, a global leader in Nano credits.


Airtel Money Bosea is a Nano loan scheme that provides customers with access to financial services by allowing them to borrow money instantly through their Airtel Money wallet at any time and from any location. 


The game-changing collaboration, which aims to provide small loans to all Ghanaians, both inside and outside the banking system, is set to open up the space in Mobile Commerce and fundamentally change the way Ghanaians interact with their Mobile wallets.

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Eligible customers can borrow up to GHC 200 and repay it over a month via deductions from their Airtel Money wallets. You can withdraw money from your wallet using an airtel agent, an ATM, or a bank.





How to borrow money from Airteltigo cash in Ghana

  • Step #1: Dial *500#
  • Step #2: Choose option 9 for airtel bosea and press okay
  • Step #3: Choose option 1 to request the loan and your account will be credited





how to become a tigo cash agent

The use of mobile money services has grown to the point where most people no longer visit their traditional banks for transactions.


The steps for registering for an AirtelTigo Merchant money account are outlined below. It is not difficult to open an AirtelTigo Merchant account.


After completing an online form and submitting it, an AirtelTigo cash agent will contact you to confirm your application.


  • Visit AirtelTigo’s official website and fill in the AirtelTigo merchant application form.


  • Enter the name of your business or organization.


  • Put in the location of your business and the region.


  • Provide your details (email address, contact number, etc.)


  • After cross-checking your details, click on Submit to complete your application.


  • An agent will contact you and proceed with your application.


  • After the agent validates your account, you’ll receive your AirtelTigo merchant SIM and till number.




tigo cash code

Here is the tigo cash code for those who will want to access the service or system right from their mobile phones. You simply dial this short code *110# then press send to follow the instruction to get started.




Airtel Tigo Cash Merchant SIM Commission 

The AirtelTigo merchant SIM card’s advantage is the commission you’ll receive per transaction.

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They pay merchants on a commission basis, similar to other mobile money services in Ghana, such as MTN and Vodafone Cash



And here’s how the commission is set up: 

Any withdrawal between GH1 and GH50 incurs a GH 0.50 fee. However, withdrawals exceeding GH 50 are subject to a 1% deduction from the amount to be withdrawn.




Airteltigo money transfer charges

For certain types of transactions, fees will be deducted from your wallet according to the amount published in the user guide available from authorized AirtelTigo Money Agents, AirtelTigo shops, AirtelTigo website, and partner bank branches or by contacting our helpline on 100.




We reserve the right to change the fee structure of the service if the need arises.

You will be notified of such changes through advertisement, SMS, the AirtelTigo website, and or other means.

Continuation of the service users will be deemed as acceptance of such changes.


How can I withdraw money from AirtelTigo?

To withdraw money from your AirtelTigo account, follow this guide.  You simply have to Dial *110#, then option 3 (Withdraw Cash). Use this anytime and anywhere to safely withdraw your money. 




Does AirtelTigo cash give loans?

Yes, AirtelTigo Cash or Money provides its valuable customers who meet the requirements for a loan to borrow up to GHC 200 from AirtelTigo and repay it over a period of up to one month via deductions from their Airtel Money wallets.



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