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Best Glo Data Plans, Bundle Codes & Subscriptions [2023]


Glo Data Plan

Glo Data codes for the best packages. Glo is on the way to becoming Africa’s most preferred telecommunications network, with a heavy presence in Ghana, Nigeria, and the Republic of Benin. Packages with Glo codes for the best data plan.

Glo has a range of data packs for any smartphone or laptop that are perfect for all types of people.



Glo internet bundle

Individuals and groups often need unrestricted access to the internet to keep up with current events and gain access to knowledge. The Glo Ghana Data package is extremely dependable and cost-effective in this regard.




Glo data plans are relatively affordable in Ghana, and users can comfortably afford them. Monthly, weekly, or even regular subscriptions are available.




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You will be online all day with these data packs, surfing the internet, or using your favorite social media sites.

Ghanaian students and staff, for example, choose the Glo Unlimited and Jambo data packages because they have unlimited data access.

Data Bundles from Glo Ghana for Your Desktop



As opposed to searching the web on a handheld computer, browsing on a laptop consumes a lot of data. A website’s browser edition isn’t as ad-free as the tablet version.




Glo Ghana Monthly Bundles

This package is suitable for all internet users regardless of the situation you find yourself.

PriceDataExpiry DaysCode




Glo Ghana Weekly Bundles

If you intend to spend a week on the internet. If you don’t want to subscribe to this schedule, the 3-day daily plan is the safest option.

PriceDataExpiry DaysCode




Glo Data Plan Codes Ghana

Glo Ghana’s Desktop Internet Plan is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you use the internet often, the 3.75GB 3 days pack is the most cost-effective option.

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PriceDataExpiry DaysCode




Glo Ghana Jumbo Data Desktop Bundles


Jumbo Data Desktop Plan from Glo Ghana  If you’re going to be using data for a long time, this is a good idea.

PriceDataExpiry DaysCode




Smartphone Bundle from Glo

Compared to browsing on a laptop browser, browsing on a smartphone or tab device is less costly. All are eligible for the mobile account.




Glo  Monthly Data Bundles 

This generally lasts a month, particularly if you don’t do many downloads. If you use a lot of info, you can look into the desktop monthly packs.

PriceDataExpiry DaysCode




how to buy data on Glo ghana

To buy data on Glo Ghana, kindly dial the ussd short code *555# and choose the data plan for yourself

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Glo Weekly Data Bundles 

This would appeal to those who use social media sites or choose to read online. If you are a data-intensive person, though, it is easier to subscribe to the 750MB or 3.5GB daily data plan rather than the weekly data plan.

Here is the code for this Glo data subscription

PriceDataExpiry DaysCode

Glo Daily Data Bundles 

PriceDataExpiry DaysCode

Jumbo Data Bundles from Glo

This package includes additional details as well as a month’s worth of validity.

PriceDataExpiry DaysCode




Glo Social Media Bundles

This bundle can be used for other internet events, so it’s best for applications like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, among others.

Glo’s Social Network Data Plans are available on a monthly basis.

PriceDataExpiry DaysCode




Glo Weekly Social Network Bundles

The 700MB is best for making the most of your results. The other packages can entail turning off app photos to last for a week.

 PriceDataExpiry DaysCode



Here Are The Best Glo Data Packages in Ghana: Price, Bundle Code & Duration

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How do I bundle for Glo data in Ghana?

Simply Dial *555# to buy data on your mobile phone and
choose from Glo’s variety of internet data bundles available.

How can I activate Glo yakata?

for new users who want to activate Glo yakata have to buy a new SIM card and register and dial *455# to sign up on yakata.

How do I subscribe to Glo yakata in Ghana?

To subscribe to Glo Yakata Plus, dial *555#  on your phone. follow the prompt to get on Glo Yakata. 

Glo data plan codes Ghana
Data Duration Code
3.75GB 3 Days *127*24#
15 GB 30 Days *127*3#
4.2GB 30 Days *127*22#
700 MB 7 Days *127*2#



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