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New platform for event ticketing and voting: Introducing Tease Africa




Tease Africa, a new online platform for event ticketing and voting, has officially launched. The platform is available at, makes it easy for event organizers to create and manage events and polls, and for attendees and voters to purchase tickets and cast their votes online or via USSD.




Tease Africa was founded by a team of entrepreneurs with a passion for using technology to make event planning and voting more efficient and accessible. The company’s platform has been designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a focus on providing organizers with the tools they need to create and manage successful events.



One of the key features of Tease Africa is its support for online and USSD voting. This allows attendees to cast their votes quickly and easily, and for organizers to tally the results in real-time. This feature has proven particularly popular with political organizations and other groups that use polls to gauge public opinion or make important decisions.



In addition to its voting capabilities, Tease Africa also offers a range of other useful features for event organizers. These include the ability to customize event pages, create and manage ticket types and prices, and track sales and revenue.

Tease Africa
Tease Africa


The platform also offers real-time analytics, so organizers can see how their events are performing and make data-driven decisions. Tease Africa is a free platform for organizers to sign up and create events and polls but charges a percentage of total revenue for event ticketing and online and USSD voting.



This business model allows the company to generate revenue without requiring organizers to pay upfront fees, making it accessible to a wide range of organizations and events. Overall, the launch of Tease Africa represents a major milestone for the company and a valuable new resource for anyone involved in organizing events or conducting polls.


Its user-friendly platform and range of features make it a convenient and cost-effective solution for event planners and voters alike. To learn more, visit


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