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Best APK Sites To Download APKs Safely on Android


You might be here because you are facing an issue while installing an app or game from the google play store. When we can not download an application from the store, the next thing which comes to our mind is APKs. 


APKs are the best way to install applications manually on your Android mobile phone if the play store is not working. When we download an application from the Google play store, we know that it would be safe to install it as it is from a trusted source.


Talking about the trusted source, we believe that it is always safe to install applications from the play store but when it comes to APKs, we may doubt it. It is because there are many APK sites that offer you APKs or MOD APKs for free and we don’t know which one to believe.


APK is a file that can be tweaked and when installed on your phone, it can run the operations it is coded for. So, I have made a list of some of the APK sites which I not only believe but also tested that their APK file can be downloaded and installed without having a doubt that it might be tweaked.


Uptodown is the first APK website that can be trusted for downloading and installing the APKs they offer. The only con of this site is that it does not offer MOD APKs which is sad for the gamers community of Android. However, you can download the APK file of any app or game which is available on the Google Play Store. All the previous versions of all the fun and apps are also present on the website.



Apksoldier is a growing site for both the APKs and MOD APKs. This site offers the best MOD APKs of the apps and games. If you are into Android games and want extra resources, then APKsoldier might be the one you are looking for. 


Also, this website offers fast downloading. There’s no worry if you want to download games with a big size. The versions are updated from time to time. APKsoldier also guides you about the resources in MOD APKs and how you can make the best use of them.



APKMODY is another good site for downloading MOD APKs. However, my past few interactions with this site were not good. There are too many ads on this site. You have to spend too much time on the site looking for the APK file. So, if you are in a hurry to download an APK file, this might not be a good option. Most of the time, this site redirects you to another site which is not good for the user. Talking about pros, this site is still trusted to download and install an application. 


APKPure is another big brand like Uptodown, which only focuses on APKs. They also have their own installer. So, if you are not willing to download and install an APK file manually, you can just install their app and search for whatever you want to install. It acts like Google Play Store.


It also offers the history of the versions of the apps or games. One can download any version of a particular application. It is very useful when your favorite feature is discontinued in the latest version, but still you have access to the old version. Google Play Store does not have this option for its users.


Summing Up

In conclusion, Uptodown and APKPure are good for downloading APKs and APKsoldier is good for downloading MOD APKs. APKMODY is also good but it shows too many ads. All these websites are trusted, so you can go there and download the APK of your choice for free without having a doubt. 


Nana Yaw Jr.
Nana Yaw Jr.
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