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How You Can Hide your Forward Message tag on WhatsApp? 


Imagine confessing your love to someone with a forwarded tag on it. You cannot take credit for a post that has a forwarded tag labeled on it. The previous WhatsApp version did not consist of a forwarded tag and the users could easily resend any message from one person to another. However, with the current update, a new feature has been witnessed among the users, called the forwarded tag. Being a source of concern for many out there, the forwarded tag informs the other person that the sender has forwarded the message from someone else. The following article revolves around this issue and provides possible ways in order to avoid this label on your messages. 



Why does WhatsApp show some messages as forwarded? 

Some of the forward messages available on the platform were shared between thousands of people, and most of the time, these messages were also a source of spreading misinformation. To curtail the spread of misinformation, WhatsApp reduced the number of chats to which you can forward a message at a given time. The limit was set to not more than five people at a time. A forwarded tag was labeled on such chats and in case the message was shared within more groups, a forwarded many times tag was seen present on them. 



How to remove the forwarded tag from messages? 

Many of the people are not really happy with this tag appearing on their chats, with some people concerned about the fact that this tag makes the message look fake and some wanting to claim the message as theirs. If you are also one of them, then we surely got you covered here. 


All you have to do is select the message that you intend to resend by long pressing on it. Then, opt for the three dots icon that appears above and click copy from there. Now, open the chat of whatever person you wish to resend the message to. Here, paste the message and click send. In case you are sharing a video, audio, PDF, or image, no copy option will be available to you. Under this scenario, you can just long press on the file and then click on the three dots present above in order to opt for the share option. 




Use GBWhatsApp to remove the forwarded tag 

One another method to get rid of the forwarded tag is by using a mod. GBWhatsApp is the mod version of the app that allows some additional features including the removal of the forwarded tag that appears on messages. All you have to do is download GB WhatsApp using the mod links available on the internet, and you are free to go. Although the usage of third party sites is not encouraged, but users who are highly irritated by this tag can make use of the modified version for better experience. 

Can you know that your message on WhatsApp has been forwarded? 

No. You can not know if your WhatsApp message has been forwarded to other people by the recipient. Even if the recipient did not opt for the copy-and-paste method and forwarded it, the next recipient may know that the message has been forwarded but you won’t be informed that your message has been resent to other people. 



The forwarded tag appeared as a WhatsApp feature to stop the spread of misinformation and while many users are happy with it, many aren’t. In case you want to get rid of this tag, simply hit the copy option and paste the message in the chat box. For video, audio, and other files, simply long press them and then share them from the three dots icon available above. 


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