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How to Buy Land in The Metaverse [2023]

The metaverse world is booming right now, and there’s a lot of fantastic excitement surrounding it. The metaverse promises a fantastic virtual experience to everyone who wants to explore this virtual environment.



Even though this technology is still in its early phases, it provides delight to those who use it for the first time. It’s hardly surprising to learn that a firm purchased a plot of virtual property for $4.3m



The internet as we know it has made enormous development, and the metaverse is a component of that advancement. We are very excited to see what the future holds for Metaverse.







How to buy a Land in Metaverse

When it comes to purchasing land in Metaverse, there are two platforms to consider:

  1. SandBox
  2. Decentraland



Because these firms were among the first to enter the metaverse. Although you may buy land in both metaverses, we will concentrate on the Sandbox Metaverse and how you can invest in it.



Metaverse Sandbox



sandbox metaverse
image via sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual environment where players can develop, control, and monetize their gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain by using the SAND token.



The user can create digital assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), sell them on the market, and incorporate them into games using Game Maker.



How to Buy Land in Metaverse Sandbox


It is simple to obtain a plot of land in Sandbox. You only need to take a few actions to acquire land in the Metaverse.



Sign Up or Login in Sandbox

  • To begin, you must establish an account on Sandbox.
  • Go to the Sandbox login page and click the “Sign In” button. It’s in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • You must now create a cryptocurrency wallet and link it to your account.
  • On the Sign-in screen, you may select from a number of social network accounts.
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You may sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail account.

  • You will be asked for your password. When you sign up using your password, your crypto wallet will be linked to your account.



You will Need $SAND and ETH to make a purchase

To purchase land on Sandbox, you will need $SAND, Sandbox’s official crypto token that is permitted on the Sandbox network.


And ETH since, aside from $SAND, the majority of Sandbox land sales only accept ETH because SAND operates on the Ethereum Blockchain. Additionally, ETH is necessary to pay the Gas cost.



All third-party wallets are required for $SAND and ETH. To complete our transaction, we must utilize wallets that have been registered on our Sandbox account.


Because these third-party wallets are currently available in the Sandbox Marketplace, the transaction is simple and convenient.


Buy Land in the Metaverse

This is the last stage in the procedure. If you reached this point after completing the preceding procedures, you are now able to purchase land in the Sandbox metaverse.


Please sign in to your Sandbox account.

  • Now choose the “LAND”/ “MAP” option from the left toolbar of the screen.
  • Click on it to choose it.
  • This will display all of the Sandbox Metaverse’s available LAND. As previously stated, there are two types of lands: basic and premium.
  • Standard lands will be grey in color, whereas premium lands will be yellow.
  • Click on the property you wish to buy, then on the Purchase button at the bottom of the screen on the right.
  • You should now sign your cryptocurrency wallet, which will include the ETH price of LAND.
  • “Transaction Succeeded, You Own A LAND,” your confirmation message will say.
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How to buy LAND in Decentraland Metaverse 2022

Decentraland is a blockchain-powered virtual reality network that allows users to buy land, play games, organize events, and engage with one another in a variety of ways.


If you ever asked yourself this question, how to get land in decentraland then this is for you.


It is the most expansive virtual universe in the NFT realm, with its own tokens – MANA and LAND. On Decentraland, each piece of LAND measures 16 meters by 16 meters and is represented by an NFT.


The amount of plots of land on Decentraland is limited to 90,000, which contributes to scarcity. Anyone on Decentraland can purchase, rent, or sell land through OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, or through Decentraland’s official Marketplace.



Decentraland Where to Buy

Now that you understand what Decentraland is, follow the steps below to learn how to acquire land in Decentraland straight from its Marketplace.



How to Buy Land in the Metaverse Decentraland

  1. Go to the Decentraland Marketplace
  • To begin, you must go to Decentraland’s Marketplace.
  • Sign in to your account or sign up for one if you don’t have already
  • After you’ve logged in, go to ‘Parcels and Estates.’
  • Then, choose ‘View All.’


  1. Select a parcel of LAND

The next step is to go over the various land parcels and choose your favorite parcel. The benefit of purchasing land in Decentraland straight from the marketplace is that you can observe the surrounding areas as well as the accessibility to renowned sites.

  • Once you’ve decided on a piece of virtual land, click on it to learn more about it.
  • The price of the land in MANA, availability, and the name of the owner are all displayed.
  • To complete the purchase, use the ‘Buy’ button.
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  1. Link your wallet to Decentraland Marketplace.

To make the purchase, make sure your wallet is linked to your account since the land will be transferred to your wallet as an NFT after the transaction is successful and finished.


  • If you don’t already have a wallet, you can get one by downloading MetaMask or Trust Wallet.


  • Remember that you’ll need enough MANA or ethereum (ETH) in your selected wallet to make the purchase.


  • In addition, you’ll need some more tokens to cover the gas price.


  1. Confirm your virtual LAND

Confirm your LAND on your wallet after the transaction is completed.

For Trust Wallet users, confirm your purchase under ‘Collectible’ under the ‘NFTs’ tab in the MetaMask wallet.



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How much is land in Sandbox?

According to Fortune, the smallest plots of land are selling for 3.7 ether and 3.46 eth, which amounts to around $11,717 and $10,957, respectively.

How much is metaverse property?

In the metaverse, land now sells for between $6,000 and $100,000. It may potentially cost $4.3 million.


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