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AI-generated playlists made with instructions have been discovered on Spotify.

Following the successful rollout of Spotify’s AI-powered DJ function and the more recent addition of support for AI-translated podcasts, it now looks that Spotify is working on building an additional AI-based feature for its app: AI-powered playlists. References found in the app’s source code suggest the developer may be working on generative AI playlists that users might make using prompts.


Chris Messina, a former tech worker who is now an investor, discovered the additions by posting photos of code in the Spotify app that refer to “AI playlists” and “playlists based on your prompts.” He hypothesized that making these would be possible in the Blend genre, where users’ preferences are combined to produce a playlist of music that everyone likes.


Spotify declined to comment when asked about its ambitions for AI playlists.


“At Spotify, we iterate and brainstorm continually to enhance our product offering and provide users with value. However, we don’t respond to rumours about potential new features and do not currently have any updates to give, a spokeswoman told TechCrunch.


However, when Spotify established a feature called Niche Mixes that allowed users to make customised playlists based solely on descriptions, it’s possible that it was already building the framework for AI playlists produced with prompts. The latest crop of niche mixes, such as Cottagecore Indie Mix, Bubblegum Pop Mix, Discofox Mix, Feel Good Driving Mix, Fun Road Trip Mix, Travel Mashup Mix, and others, allow you to choose virtually anything when making a playlist.


Despite their initial look, Spotify informed us when the Niche Mixes were introduced back in March that they were not AI-powered. Instead, Spotify said that their customization technology and algorithms were responsible for the mixes.


Messina tells TechCrunch that based on his recent discoveries, the new AI playlists would also be created using prompts, but he hasn’t yet seen this functionality in the public app—only in the code.


Because there are additional code references indicating users might invite others to make AI playlists together, he feels the capability may be connected to Blend.


It’s important to keep in mind that, like with any software, not every feature that a corporation pursues is ultimately realized. However, it’s a promising sign that Spotify may be considering innovative ways that AI may improve customers’ streaming music experiences.


This would undoubtedly fit with Spotify’s DNA, as the app’s USP has always been how it gathers user data and makes music recommendations to users. If AI can support this even further, it will undoubtedly be a feature that many users find appealing.


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Kwesi Afful
Kwesi Afful
Jefferson Paa Kwesi Afful, known professionally as Kwesi Afful, is a Ghanaian celebrity / Tech blogger, freelance journalist and an inspirational writer. He holds a degree in B.A Communication Studies from the Ghana Institute of Journalism. Kwesi Afful is the 2019 C-Base Awards Blogger of the year.


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