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Happy 25th Birthday GOOGLE 

By chance or fate, PhD computer science students Larry Page and Sergey Brin connected at Stanford University in the late 1990s. They quickly discovered that they had the same goal in mind: to improve accessibility on the World Wide Web. The two spent many hours creating a prototype for a superior search engine from their dorm rooms. They relocated the business to Google’s first workplace, a rented garage, as they made significant headway on the project. The formal founding date of Google Inc. was September 27, 1998. 

Although a lot has changed since 1998, including the logo included in today’s Doodle, the goal of organizing the world’s information and making it widely accessible and helpful has not changed. Google is used by billions of users worldwide for searching, connecting, working, playing, and SO MUCH MORE! 

It’s hard to imagine, Google turned 25 today. Depending on your age, this may seem like a much longer or shorter period of time than you anticipated. It’s difficult for me to picture a time before Google, which helped define the internet, as someone who grew up with it (I turned 29 this year). Yet, only 25 years later, here we are. So, let’s take a look at how Google evolved into the internet powerhouse it is today.

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The business expanded rapidly over the ensuing years to become what it is today. It acquired YouTube in 2006, making it the owner of the de facto internet video content creation standard. The business bought Android in 2005 when it was still an operating system for cameras, and just two years later, in 2008, it was ultimately released, ushering in the current era of smartphones. While Google embraced the fundamental concepts, enhanced them, and made them accessible to the general public with amazing phones at all price points, Apple may have originated the iPhone and the modern smartphone.

Google has been of great help to the world at large and with this, our team is a part of it and so as an online Tech Organization, we would want to use this great opportunity to say a very big happy birthday to google and to the entire team who brought google into existence. We really appreciate you. 

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Happy birthday from

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Kwesi Afful
Kwesi Afful
Jefferson Paa Kwesi Afful, known professionally as Kwesi Afful, is a Ghanaian celebrity / Tech blogger, freelance journalist and an inspirational writer. He holds a degree in B.A Communication Studies from the Ghana Institute of Journalism. Kwesi Afful is the 2019 C-Base Awards Blogger of the year.


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