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LG Television That One Can Afford at A Low Price

One of the leading TV manufacturers is LG Electronics, and many of its products have performed admirably in our ratings, particularly OLED TVs and those from its premium QNED LCD/LED line. It also has a more widely available array of TVs that are less expensive but have fewer features than the more expensive ones. 


The greatest LG TVs you’ll discover on the market today are some of the most technologically advanced displays that have ever been created. LG is one of the best TV companies in the world. 


Customers occasionally find it difficult to select the ideal set for their needs—and budgets—because of the large variety of TV shows and models available. We’ll go through some of the new features included in this year’s LG TVs and what you gain or lose as you move up and down the company’s lineup to help make the process a little easier.


Below is a list of some of the best LG televisions that one can afford at a low price.

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The LG C2

It now comes in both the more common larger screen sizes and a little (by OLED standards) 42-inch model, and its OLED Evo technology offers much better color and brightness. It is important to note that the 42 and 48-inch models do not receive the brightness enhancement.


The LG C2’s processor, the Alpha A9 Gen 5, is brand new, and it boasts greater color saturation than the C1 did. The new processor is distinguished by its superior dynamic tone mapping and object enhancement compared to the C1, which results in a picture that is incredibly realistic and detailed.


We stated in our evaluation of the LG C2 that “having tested it with everything from regular SD shows to Dolby Vision blockbusters, the C2 OLED has proven itself more than capable of handling pretty much any content you can throw at it.”



Although it wouldn’t be accurate to claim that LG has neglected its C series models this year, it does seem as if the G3, the first MLA OLED TV in the world, has received more attention than the C3, which has seen little to no hardware changes.

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You might presume that its 42-inch brother would experience the same fate. While the 42-inch C3 is undoubtedly quite comparable to its predecessor, LG’s 42-inch OLEDs have historically offered a little different experience than their larger siblings. More importantly, though, the 42-inch C3 doesn’t face any substantial new competition.


The 42-inch C3 is remarkably identical to the TV it replaces, much like the 65-inch model is. It goes without saying that this is frustrating, and we’d want to see more advancement in the small OLED TV market, which, as we’ve said, has some brightness limitations when compared to larger models.



The G3 is the first OLED TV to use Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology, which boosts brightness—long viewed as an OLED TV drawback—to levels previously only possible with backlit TVs.


Nearly identical to the G2 it replaces in appearance, but that’s okay. Apart from the fact that it only has a wall mount and no stand, You’ll need to pay more if you want to stand it up.

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The image really impresses, with the MLA technology delivering substantially brighter colors (though you’ll need the Vivid option to get its full impact; it’s too gaudy for us). Even though the sound is a little lacking in comparison to its predecessor (as always, we recommend adding a speaker), the image is overall brighter and livelier than other OLEDs.



Brilliantly bright and vibrant highlights

+Generally balanced and natural

+Flawless gaming specs

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Kwesi Afful
Kwesi Afful
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