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How to Register your Account for Vodafone Cash Yourself [2023]

How to register for Vodafone cash


how to register Vodafone cash

Many telecom companies have embraced mobile money transfer technology to help their clients transmit money using a combination of their phone numbers and pin codes since the technology’s inception in Ghana. One of them is Vodafone Ghana.


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Vodafone Cash is one of the quickest, safest, and most convenient ways for customers to send money, make payments and get cash at any cash-out location. 


vodafone cash registration

You’ll need a Vodafone Cash account, which you’ll obtain whenever you sign up for the program. 


Customers had to visit a Vodafone office with a valid ID to register for the service previously. Vodafone Ghana, on the other hand, has made it easier to sign up for a Vodafone cash account online.


In this article, I’ll teach you how to register for Vodafone Cash and activate it on your phone number (that is if you are not already registered), Vodafone cash registration short code, Vodafone cash registration online, how to send money from Vodafone Cash to other networks, Vodafone Cash Charges, how to borrow money from Vodafone Cash Ghana as well as Vodafone Cash Agent Commission.


You’ll be able to send money to other Vodafone Cash subscribers for free once you’ve done so.

To successfully register for Vodafone Cash, you need to have the following in place.


  • A registered Vodafone SIM Card
  • A national Identification Card (traveling passport, voter’s ID, Driver’s Licence, or Ghana Card)
  • Correct personal details (name, telephone number, address.)


There are different ways one can use to get registered onto the Vodafone Cash platform.

The first method is registering for the Vodafone Cash service all by yourself. There is no need to visit a Vodafone Cash agent or talk to customer care. See the steps below.

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  1. Dial *110#
  2. Enter 0 to activate the account.
  3. Follow the proceeding prompts to complete registration.


By calling a Vodafone Customer agent on 100.

This is the step I personally used to get registered some years back.

  1. Buy and register a Vodafone SIM Card. (How to register a Vodafone SIM card)
  2. Make available your national identification card and personal details.
  3. Call the Vodafone Customer Line on 100. A customer representative will attend to you.
  4. Ask him/her if you want to register for Vodafone Cash. Your details will be taken and registration will be done for you instantly.
  5. You are required to set your Mobile Money PIN.


Visit a nearby accredited Vodafone agent.

  1. Visit the nearest Vodafone Cash Agent for Registration.
  2. He will take all details needed and process your registration.
  3. You will receive an SMS confirming that your Account is active.
  4. Select “0” to activate your account and Enter your Vodafone Cash start PIN.
  5. Enter a new PIN.
  6. Confirm New PIN. Keep this PIN safe. It will be required to authorize every transaction you make on Vodafone Cash.


Vodafone cash registration shortcode

Text “Register” to 558 or dial *558# for self-registration

*you will be required to present a valid photo ID as part of the registration process



Vodafone cash registration online


Are you looking for a way to register for a Vodafone cash account online without having to travel to one of their offices across the country? More information can be found in this article.


  1. Visit: Vodafone.com.gh/personal/Vodafone-cash/user-application
  2. After opening the URL, you’ll be asked to fill out the Vodafone Cash Customer Application Form with your credentials
  3. Fill out this form with your First and Last name, Date of Birth (DOB), Identity card type, gender, residential address, ID type, phone number, and e-mail address
  4. Click Register after filling out the form
  5. Now, wait for the confirmation message and e-mail, then go through the steps by selecting 0 to confirm your Vodafone Cash account
  6. Type in your secret PIN and confirm this


The Vodafone Cash registration process lasts less than 10 minutes, and registration is free.

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How to send money from Vodafone Cash to other networks?


  • Follow the steps below to transfer E-money to any Vodafone subscriber: Open your Phone app: Locate this application on your homepage or app list. 
  • Open the Keypad: Dial 110#. 
  • Make the call from your Vodafone line: You should have a balance that can cater to the amount you wish to transfer and the transaction fees. The sum should not exceed the Vodafone Cash limit 
  • Select 1: Tap the Send button to move to the next step. 
  • Follow prompts: You might need to enter the recipient number, the amount you wish to transfer, and your PIN.
  • Confirm the transaction: A confirmation SMS will be sent to you if the process was a success. Make sure the recipient’s name and number on the message are correct.


Vodafone Cash Charges


Any transaction that you make on Vodafone cash comes with some changes. You pay a charge on the following transactions.

  • Withdrawal of cash
  • Sending of cash



At the moment, sending money to all networks using your Vodafone Cash wallet remains free.


The amount deducted as a withdrawal charge depends on the amount you want to withdraw.


When you cash out money from a Vodafone Cash agenthere are the charges incurred;

Transaction Amount (GHS) Withdrawal Charge (Cash Out)
0.01 – 50 GHS 0.50
50.01 – 100 1%
1000.01 – 2000 GHS 10.00


Vodafone Cash transfer to all networks is free of charge. Visit the nearest Vodafone Cash agent to register.



How to borrow money from Vodafone Cash Ghana

Unfortunately, Vodafone cash does not give out loans to their subscribers yet. However, you can receive loans to your Vodafone cash account through third-party loan lenders like FIDO, CashXpress, etc. 


Getting a loan today is easier than ever because much of the information you’ll need is available online. Mobile money services in Ghana have made it easier to obtain immediate mobile loans.


With your phone in hand, you may get a loan whenever you need one without having to go through the hassle of applying for one.

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This rapid borrowing option is now available to Vodafone Ghana subscribers. In this article, we’ll look at what Vodafone cash is and how to apply for it.



Vodafone account register

Vodafone Cash is a mobile money loan that you may get in Ghana using your phone. It is a quick and secure method of transferring funds using your smartphone or mobile phone. Have access to funds and the ability to make payments.


You need to meet the following criteria to apply for a Vodafone cash loan.

  1. You need a valid Vodafone sim that is registered
  2. FIDO loan App from google play store
  3. Register your details correctly on the FIDO App
  4. Vodafone cash number


When in need of an instant loan in Ghana, you can always count on a Vodafone cash loan in Ghana. Use the guide below to apply:


  1. Download the FIDO loan App from the google play store
  2. Register your details correctly on the FIDO App
  3. Enter the Vodafone cash number on the app that you wish to receive the loan into.
  4. They will send a text to your phone to confirm your application.
  5. After processing, they will send the amount you requested into your Vodafone cash wallet.


What’s the limit for Vodafone cash?

Here is the daily limit for Vodafone Cash users

Customer Tier

Daily Debit (GHS)

Maximum Account Balance (GHS)

Tier 0



Tier 1



Tier 2





Which ATM can I withdraw Vodafone cash?

Withdrawals may be made at any Ecobank ATM that is convenient for you.

Please dial *110# on your phone and choose Cash Withdrawal from the drop-down menu. Then follow the procedures below:


  • Select Cardless Cash Out.
  • Enter your 6 digit Code.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter Amount and select continue



How do I access Vodafone cash?

  • Dial *110#
  • Select Withdraw Cash.
  • Enter Phone Number.
  • Enter Amount.
  • Enter PIN.
  • Press 1 to confirm.



Vodafone cash agent commission

To know how much commission Vodafone cash agent receives, then you have to visit the Vodafone ghana official site and reach out to them on phone to get the exact amount.


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