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How To Edit YouTube Videos.

You’ll probably need to conduct some editing if you want your YouTube video to be seen.

If you’re new to generating videos or don’t have video editing software, you may make some simple modifications using the YouTube Studio, which is available to all platform producers.

Here are some basic video editing instructions for YouTube Studio, along with some options for more sophisticated editing programs and advice on how to make your video stand out.

Edit YouTube videos in YouTube Studio

image via GCFGlobal

Creators can modify and upload their videos to YouTube Studio, where they can also examine channel stats.

You only need to go to to access the Studio.

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It might be necessary for you to sign in to your account.

You can begin editing a video after you’ve uploaded it to the Studio.

Trim the start and end of a video

image via googlesupport

1. Select Content in the left sidebar and click the thumbnail of your video

2. Click Editor in the left sidebar.

3. Select the blue Get Started button. 

4. Click Trim. A blue bar will appear at the start and end of the video.

5. To start or stop the video, hover over the blue bar at the beginning or finish of the film, depending on what you want to cut, and then drag the blue bar there.

6. From there, you can click Preview in the pop-up at the bottom-middle of the screen, to see how the video looks.

7. Click Save twice when complete.

Here’s how you trim your video’s middle once you’ve entered YouTube Studio’s editing area as described above:

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Trim the middle of a video 

image via Kapwing

1. Move the starting point to the part of your video that you want to trim.

2. Click Trim.


3. Select Split in the pop-up at the bottom-center of the screen.

4. Drag the blue bar to the end of the section you want to cut out of the video.

5. Click Preview to review the changes you’ve made.

6. When ready, click Save twice.

Blur a person or object in a video 

image via VidIQ

1. From the video editor, select Blur parts of your video.

2. Select Face blur or Custom blur.

3. When you choose Face blur, the Studio will identify the faces in your video, allowing you to choose the ones you want to blur before pressing Apply.

Adjust the time, shape, and blur behavior in the left side of the blur window by clicking and dragging the blur box that appears in the preview window for Custom blur.

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4. Click Save when ready.

Third-party apps for more advanced video editing

YouTube Studio no longer supports more complex video editing.

But you can use third-party applications, such as:

1. iMovie.

Mac laptops come with this free program.

You can utilize split-screen and green-screen effects, add sound effects, employ theme templates, and more.

2. Premiere Rush from Adobe.

You may add audio, change the speed of your video, and make custom transitions using this program.

3. InShot.

This program lets you obscure the background of your movies while also adding transition effects, text, emojis, and filters.

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