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How To Become A Gaming YouTube[2024]

It’s not easy to grow a game channel on YouTube.

Producing game content without the proper tools and approach won’t cut it because the platform undergoes a lot of changes each year and trends change quickly.

This page serves as the definitive YouTube Gamer Setup Guide, assisting you in selecting the equipment you’ll need for your videos and determining the kind of content you’ll publish.

Make sure you stay until the end so you can learn expert advice on how to expand your channel in 2022.

You may use InVideo’s games video editor to put your footage together and produce great gaming videos after you have your setup and ideas prepared.

How to Become a Successful YouTube Gamer

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Step 1: Set up Your Own YouTube Channel:

It is essential to have a Google account to create your own YouTube channel. Once your account is ready then:

• Visit YouTube.com and then click on top right corner of your device screen to sign in.

• Now go to your profile and then visit settings icon.

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• Under this settings option you will easily find option “Create a Channel”. Hit this link.

Step 2: Purchase right equipment:

You must invest in the proper tools if you want to update the quality of your video-rich material.

The top recording and editing tools are listed below:

Capture Card: If you wish to capture high-quality video of your gaming screen, you must have this equipment.

The price ranges between $150 and $200, and numerous businesses are offering their high-quality items with respectable features.

Microphone: You must purchase a microphone that can clearly pick up sound if you wish to include live audio in screen capture videos.

The only pricing range for a high-quality product is from $15 to $120.

An external hard drive is advised because you will need to keep your HD videos that you have recorded on some type of storage device.

A one-time investment in a high-quality product can pay you in the long term with long-lasting service and the ability to store data even if your channel goes down.

Step 3: Select your Software:

It’s time to invest in a specialized video recording and editing program that will help you create personalized videos.

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Professionals advise players on a variety of programs, but DemoCreator is the finest choice for video editing and screen capture needs.

It is a robust yet user-friendly screen recorder and video editor.

Its key features include simultaneous screen and webcam recording and the ability to capture fast-paced games at up to 120 frames per second.

In addition, it’s a useful tool for editing videos, allowing you to perform simple adjustments and include text, callouts, and other features.

Below is a link to the free trial version.

Step 4: Develop a Video Schedule:

It is suggested that YouTube channel owners keep a set posting schedule so that viewers are happy.

If you only post one or two videos on your channel, it won’t be considered successful; it requires regularity.

Create a timetable and stick to it for all the different types of games you wish to play.

Your goal must be to publish at least 400 or 500 videos per year if you want your channel to be rated higher.

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Step 5: Make the Intro/Outro:

Create an intro for each video to give your channel a distinctive identity.

This will encourage viewers to learn more about your brand or channel.

It’s crucial to create these effects using a specific industry-standard video editing application.

DemoCreator is a good choice if you want to leave a lasting impression on everyone.

Videos with intros can represent the personality of your channel with each update.

And it will undoubtedly make your article more engaging for your viewers.

Never use a long introduction; instead, make it brief and straightforward.

A brief introduction to your channel at the beginning will be plenty to hook viewers.

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