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How To Promote On YouTube[2024]

It was much simpler for content creators to stand out when there weren’t as many YouTubers or companies using the platform in the beginning.

In 2022, there are about 15 million active YouTube video creators who are producing 500 hours of content every minute.

In light of this, you may be considering how to market your YouTube channel so that it stands out from the competition.

And what would the cost of promotion be?

Fortunately, you can market your YouTube channel using a variety of tools, strategies, and hacks without having to spend much money at all.

We’ll look at some of my favorite free strategies for promoting YouTube channels in this article.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for Free

image via icharts

I discuss about anime on my own YouTube channel, but when I initially started out, I had no money for pricy equipment or expensive commercials to expand my channel.

I therefore did a lot of what was listed below to locate my audience, and I noticed development very quickly:

1. Create compelling content.

You can employ a variety of strategies to draw people to your channel, but none of these strategies will make up for poor content.

The truth is that no one wants to invest in poor content.

Make intriguing material that will keep readers coming back for more if you want to draw in an audience and get them to subscribe.

2. Use keywords in your headlines, descriptions, and tags.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of videos are added to YouTube.

You must use keywords in your headlines, descriptions, and tags to make sure your films are seen by your intended audience.

You may access free resources like Google Keyword Planner from your Google Ads dashboard.

You don’t need to run advertising to use it, so don’t worry.

A Google account is all that is required.

3. Use hashtags.

The keywords you discovered can also be used to make hashtags for the titles and descriptions of your videos.

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The material of your film could also provide concepts for a hashtag.

If, for instance, you interviewed a well-liked guest on your channel, you might use their name as a hashtag to draw their followers to your content.

4. Customize your thumbnails.

Your video’s thumbnail gives viewers their first impression, and as we all know, first impressions are irreversible.

Create a distinct, alluring thumbnail that will entice people to click on your material in order to capture their attention.

YouTube thumbnails that stand out frequently combine the elements listed below:

• High-quality images

• A face (humans naturally focus on faces when it comes to photos)

• Bright contrasting colors

• Action shots

• Bold text of no more than six words

5. Post regularly

When luring potential subscribers to your channel, consistency is crucial.

Your audience will respect you more if you write regularly and consistently since they know you’ll never stop producing quality content.

Start by releasing a new video every two weeks, then increase that frequency to once or twice each week.

6. Promote your channel on social media.

When promoting programming, the news director of the TV station I worked for would frequently comment, “If it’s not on social media, then it doesn’t exist.”

When promoting your YouTube channel, keep this in mind.

If you don’t market your content on social media, you could be missing out on a sizable audience even if you publish wonderful content, have the ideal thumbnail, and utilize all the appropriate keywords.

I created a Twitter account and began utilizing the #anitwt and #AnimeAfterDarkCH hashtags whenever I posted about my videos in an effort to draw anime lovers to my channel.

Anitwt, which stands for “Anime Twitter,” is a tool for connecting anime lovers with other fans on the website.

The weekly Twitter chat for Black anime enthusiasts uses the hashtag #AnimeAfterDarkCH.

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Now, I frequently observe that 80% of my YouTube views originate from users of Twitter when I look at my YouTube analytics.

“Create breezier, teaser versions for various platforms.

The ideal video format for that platform should be used for these teasers, and they should be interesting enough to keep viewers interested “She spoke.

“Getting individuals to leave the platform they’re already on is frequently difficult, but utilizing your other social media channels can assist drive views to your channel.”

7. Promote your channel on forums.

Reddit and other online forums are excellent venues for channel promotion.

Just keep in mind that many forums have “no promotions” regulations; however, with a little bit of tact, you can get around them.

Make sure your posts don’t read too much like adverts and that you’re adding something worthwhile to the discussion.

Let’s imagine you run a fashion YouTube channel and you come across a Reddit thread on thrift store fashion, a subject you’ve covered on your channel.

Rather than saying “Hey, check out my YouTube channel on fashion,” you should reply.

One may say:

“That’s a really cool perspective! I love thrifting and actually made a YouTube video with some great tips on how to find the best items at thrift stores.

You can check it out if you’re looking for advice.”

Then you would link to your specific video.

8. Build a community.

Use YouTube to position yourself as an authority in your field and to foster a community of individuals who share your interests.

Engaging with your audience is the easiest (and least expensive) approach to accomplish this.

Respond to comments by providing further insightful details.

Even in their videos, some YouTubers will acknowledge new followers.

Additionally, you can solicit suggestions from readers for your next topic in the comments and thank them for their input.

9. Run a contest.

Running a contest is a good method to draw in new subscribers, but you want to be sure that those who enter are actually interested in your topic, not simply for the chance to win anything.

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Make sure the prize is relevant to your subject in order to do this.

For instance, if I were to hold a competition to draw anime enthusiasts, a gift certificate or free anime products from the retailer Atsuko would make wonderful prizes.

10. Cross-promote your videos on YouTube.

In every YouTube video I make, I always take advantage of the platform’s “cards” function.

This tool allows you to promote a video across different videos on your platform.

This works by inserting a tiny symbol linking to another video or playlist in the corner of your video. The length of time the card should appear can be specified using the duration setting. An illustration of a card is shown below:

Including an end screen in your videos is another approach to cross-promote them.

Have you ever been watching a YouTube video when the last 10 seconds start to have clickable advertising for other videos? A subscription button and more content exploration are both encouraged on that end screen, which is an end screen.

Acolatse also suggests using YouTube Shorts.

image via searchenginejournal

“Those bite size video versions for other platforms can also be used as YT shorts,” she said.

“YT is investing a lot of money into shorts and because that feed reaches a different audience, it’s a great way to boost engagement on your overall channel.

Make sure these shorts hook viewers in within the first couple of seconds and make them very compelling.”

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Kwesi Afful
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