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Tape It introduces AI-powered automated studio-quality noise reduction for music.

One of the biggest challenges when capturing audio is background noise. Anyone who has ever used a microphone understands how challenging it can be to deal with electrical interference and other outside noise. Previously, you had to utilize complicated software that takes a lot of time to learn or record in an expensive studio. This is going to alter soon.

The free AI-powered Denoiser from music software maker Tape It was released today; it automatically eliminates background noise like hums and hisses. Not just with spoken word, but also with whole songs, solo instrument tracks, and field recordings, it yields studio-caliber results. Initially available as a free web application, Tape It plans to integrate Denoiser into its flagship product, the Tape It iOS app, which assists musicians in arranging and documenting musical ideas. This technology is a component of a larger plan to create tools that make recording music for musicians easier.

“AI’s creative potential excites everyone,” says Tape It CEO Thomas Walther. The idea of AI solving tedious tasks excites us. We handle the background noise so you may concentrate fully on the creative aspects and produce more music!

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Accompanying the software’s introduction, the business published an academic study that included a thorough scientific listening test. The study revealed that the software’s quality is on par with, and occasionally even better than, industry-leading denoisers, which often need hours of fine-tuning.

Some denoisers have poor audio quality or necessitate costly software that requires a lot of experience and training to use. Tape Simply Functions.

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