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Review of Super Mario, Wonder Bros: An all-levels multiplayer game with hilarious moments.

In a way, Mario games have always been intended for multiplayer; on the SNES, I used to pad-pass with my brother, fighting over who got to play as Mario and who got to play as Luigi. Four players can play simultaneously on a screen in modern 2D Mario games as they race and jump through Mario’s wacky, colorful level designs while vying for blinking coins and scurrying power-ups.

This type of gaming is advertised as family-friendly, but if you’ve ever attempted to play New Super Mario Bros. U with kids, you know it can get very hectic quickly. Others run off, leaving players behind. Arguments break out over who gets to ride Yoshi or who climbed the flagpole at the conclusion of each stage.

Parents with Mario expertise become so irate at all the faffing around that they feel tempted to throw either the console or one of the kids out the living room window when siblings shove each other down holes or jump on each other’s heads.

Many of these issues are resolved by Mario Wonder, which eliminates many possible multiplayer conflicts. My six-year-old son and I finished the game together, and he sobbed when it was over. With stages ranging from happy strolls through verdant fields with sleeping Goombas to fist-eatingly difficult gauntlets with disappearing platforms that would challenge anyone’s ability and patience, this is very much a conventional left-to-right, run-and-jump Mario game.

But for beginning gamers and Mario-literate adults, it can be overcome and is pleasant thanks to a combination of deft character balancing and badges that either lessen or boost the challenge.

It appears more like you are cooperating with one another rather than getting in one other’s way. Yoshi is a great choice for a beginner because he can carry other players through levels, devour unsuspecting enemies, and doesn’t get hurt.

However, Yoshi is unable to use the power-ups that Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, and Toad can use to throw fireballs, bubbles, or transform into adorable little elephants that struggle to fit through pipes while also spraying water from their trunks.

Badges allow you to jump higher or bounce back from pits. When playing as a group, the game is much easier to complete because to the characters’ ability to resurrect one another if they fall victim to a Bullet Bill or fiery pit.

Finding the hidden Wonder Seeds in each location will cause mid-level transformations, which will continue to cause plenty of disruption. These absurd situations transform players into Goombas, jumping spike creatures, or goo blobs, or pipes into wriggling worms that Mario and his buddies must ride into the air.

When you touch a Wonder Seed, you never know what will happen. For example, in one early level, the Piranha Plants began singing and dancing, sending my toddler and I into a fit of glee.

Wonder is filled with these delightful moments. Mario games are famed for their wild originality and for launching amazing, enjoyable ideas that vanish within a minute or two. There are a few forgettable levels, but there are also many excellent ones. The aesthetic in this Mario game is subtly different from previous Mario games, a little more approachable and psychedelic.

There are gorgeous little animation details everywhere, like the way characters peek around before they emerge from pipes, the obvious bewilderment on Yoshi’s face when he’s being ridden by an elephant, the expanding snot-bubbles of sleeping Goombas, and excitable talking flowers with big, surprised Os for mouths.

There is only immediate, alluring fun; there is no complicated plot to unravel or rules to learn. If you’re a Mario lover, you’ve probably already had fun with it, but there’s enough variety and unexpected twists to keep it from getting monotonous. And for others who are unfamiliar with Mario, such as young children just beginning to play video games or friends or family members persuaded to join a multiplayer game, this is a perfect introduction to the bubbly imagination and attention to detail that have made Mario a family favorite for almost 30 years.

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Kwesi Afful
Kwesi Afful
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