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YouTube Shorts How To Use[2024]

Did you know that 5 trillion views have been logged on more than 213 million Shorts released by 12 million YouTube channels? Shorts have become a top emphasis for YouTube, and the move is working.

For YouTube and the producers it sponsors, this fast, snackable entertainment has proven a huge success.

Video production can take a lot of time.

Creators may upload on the spur of the moment using the Shorts function and simply a smartphone.

Exposure is the true advantage of Shorts material, though.

With the correct video, it is rather simple to immediately gain the attention of a sizable audience.

This translates into a fantastic opportunity for YouTube creators to scale their channel growth and increase their engagement rate.

You can get a sense of the types of views this video is attracting by taking a short glance at the #Shorts landing page on YouTube.

YouTube Shorts: What Creators Need to Know in the Basics

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Let’s clarify the fundamentals of the functionality before we go into using Shorts as a channel expansion plan.

• YouTube Shorts are vertical or square videos that are 60 seconds or less in length. 

• Shorts can be a 60-second continuous video or several 15-second videos combined. 

• Your Short will only be allowed to be 15 seconds long if it makes use of music from the YouTube Audio Library.

• YouTube counts views for shorts like regular videos.

• The number of times a channel has been viewed overall includes views of YouTube Shorts, but does not determine a channel’s eligibility for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

• Any subscribers acquired through Shorts count toward the required 1000 subscribers for YPP eligibility.

• Shorts do not disappear and remain on YouTube, unlike more ephemeral content such as YouTube Stories, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat. 

• Viewers of your Shorts can share, comment, like, dislike, or subscribe to your channel while viewing the video. 

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• You may record, edit, add music from major labels (including Sony, Universal, and Warner), add animated text, alter the tempo of your film, and combine numerous 15-second video clips to create your Shorts using YouTube’s built-in production tools.

How to Use YouTube Shorts as a Growth Strategy

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The possibility of exposure is the most intriguing advantage of shorts.

Similar to TikTok, it may be quite simple to quickly gain a large audience, which is perfect for capturing viewers with shorter attention spans.

Even more thrilling is the possibility of reaching non-subscribers with your content, creating a brand-new audience!

In order to make it simple for viewers to subscribe if they enjoy what they see, YouTube has made sure the subscriber box is always displayed when you submit a Short.

Naturally, just as with ordinary videos, your Shorts must provide the viewer with value in some way.

But there are various shortcuts you may use to jumpstart yourself:

Keep it Short and Sweet:
If you often post long-form videos on YouTube, you’re undoubtedly used to hooking viewers with a 20–60 second introduction.

You won’t have that luxury, so make sure your video’s opening seconds are thrilling and catch viewers’ attention.

Always Add Value:
Don’t just produce things for the sake of producing them; always provide value.

Give your audience something of value through your Shorts and tie the material to a specific objective, like gaining 250 more subscribers or 5% more engagement.

Use Replays
: Consider carefully how your information will come across if it is often replayed since shorts are aired on loop.

Understand the Format:
Longer videos should not be condensed for YouTube Shorts. They have to be stuff that your audience can readily consume.

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Ideas for YouTube Shorts Content

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There are numerous ways to use shorts to add value for your audience and others.

There are countless things you can cover, whether it’s giving some fast advice, a concise how-to, or something amusing.

Here are five examples you can utilize as a springboard for your original ideas:

#1 Promote Your Regular Channel

To promote and expand your regular channel, use YouTube Shorts.

Every time you publish a Short, you have the chance for your material to be seen by someone who might later become a subscriber to your channel or interact with your main channel’s content.

#2 Tease your Audience

Use the format to whet the appetite about what’s coming in a longer-form video. 

#3 Behind-the-scenes Footage 

BTS footage can be hugely entertaining and makes excellent Shorts content.

#4 Create Engagement on the Fly

Instead of devoting the time to watch a full-length video, YouTube Shorts enables your audience to interact with you instantly.

Short, snappy material makes sure that viewers stick around to the finish.

#5 Jump on Trends

Shorts allow creators to jump on a trend, e.g., a dance move or challenge doing the rounds on social media. 

Should You Make a Separate Channel for YouTube Shorts?

Regarding the development of a distinct channel for Shorts programming, there are two camps. Both absolutely and categorically no.

There is no right or incorrect response, which is the problem.

It all depends on how comfortable you feel as a developer.

If the videos will be vastly different from your typical material, starting distinct channels for your Shorts content is a terrific audience development technique.

In order to keep their short-form and long-form work separate, several YouTubers are starting other channels.

However, by default, any new subscribers you add to your channel through Shorts will connect with your brief-form material.

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Short movies may get you new subscribers, but these subscribers will only watch new short videos and not your lengthier ones.

It might make the most sense to stick with your current channel if you enjoy producing Shorts and the material is relevant to your long-form video.

You may always try something new to see how your audience responds, and then adjust as necessary.

How to Make Money with YouTube Shorts

If you’re a YouTube Shorts maker, you should read our earlier post for complete information on how to monetize YouTube Shorts.

You cannot place an advertisement on a Short since they are shorter than typical YouTube videos. Shorts are therefore difficult to monetize, though not impossible.

Shorts can only be made money with AdSense if:

• Views do not come from the Shorts shelf but rather from the home page.

• Music from the Shorts library was not used.

Any view will not be monetized with copyright music applied from the app or flagged by Content ID)

Instead, even if they use resources from the Shorts collection, creators might receive a payment from the YouTube Shorts Fund.

The $100 million fund seeks to give out up to $10,000 a month in rewards to artists.

Over 40% of the creators who got funding from the Fund last year weren’t members of the YouTube Partner Program, which is a startling finding (YPP).

YouTube should have informed users who will receive reimbursements from the one-year-old Shorts Fund.

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