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Free Movie Apps For Android and iPhone Users



android movie app

Android and iPhone users will have no trouble finding free /Showbox movie streaming applications. It may seem impossible that you can just download an app onto your phone or tablet and begin viewing films, but the fact is that there are a variety of applications that allow you to do exactly that, and they are all free to use.


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Video and free online streaming tv programs are fast becoming the preferred mode of communication for most people these days.

People pay for Netflix, Hulu, and other such services without giving it a second thought, and cord-cutting has become a popular practice in recent years as a result.

However, not everyone has the financial wherewithal to spend hundreds of dollars each year for subscription services. This is especially true for students. We understand, as do many mobile apps, and we thank you for your understanding.


free movie apps


android movie streaming apps

The following are some of the free Android applications that would make it simple for you to stream or view movies at your leisure and at no cost to you whatsoever. Try these apps for free movies to watch on your phone.


Here is the best app to watch movies free movies online

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  1. Sony Crackle

free movie apps


This is one of the most extensively used free movie programs for mobile devices, and it is available in a variety of languages. Among the many highlights are the several critically acclaimed novels, multiple television programs, and a diverse range of genres from which to choose.

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In reality, it is equipped with Nielson monitoring software, which enables you to become a part of the statistics when it comes to popularity data, which is quite useful.

The streaming quality, on the other hand, is definitely in need of significant improvement. It is expected to improve with time, though, and we believe that this will continue.

Though popular, it is not the most effective implementation of free video streaming accessible on this list, despite its widespread usage in the community.


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  1. Hoopla Digital App


The free content medium Hoopla digital is also a one-stop-shop for all things content. It takes advantage of local library access, as well as your library card, to provide you with a slew of free resources.

This encompasses anything from movies to television series to eBooks to music to comic comics.

Support for Android TV and Chromecast is also included with the app. It is necessary for your local library to be a member of the Hoopla network in order for your library card to be accepted by the service.

Aside from that, though, it seems to function rather well.


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  1. Showbox



Because of its slick user interface and simple navigation, Showbox is by far the most popular online free movie streaming application.

The App is the most talked-about online streaming app, and it offers numerous capabilities to its users at no additional cost to the user.

When compared to subscription-based video streaming services such as Netflix, it provides the most value for money since it provides audio-visual material for free.

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  1. The Movie HD App

free movie apps showbox


The HD Cinema & Sky HD teams have worked together to bring you the Movie HD App. It is home to a vast number of movies and television series, all of which I urge you to see.

The software has been specifically created and managed to allow you to view free movies on your Android device.

No subscriptions or sign-ups are required in order to use this application. The Movies HD Android App is available for free download. Despite the fact that the App has a highly user-friendly layout, the sheer amount of videos available will undoubtedly put a grin on your face.


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  1. Disney Hotstar App

free movie apps showbox (3)


Hotstar is one of the most popular free movie applications in India and other countries with a large number of users. It provides access to movies, television series, and live sports, however, you may not be able to view everything with a free subscription.

All of the streams seem to be functioning well, and there is advertising as you would expect. Aside from the restricted availability, it is a respectable free streaming platform that offers a good range of content.


A large number of complaints about this app are related to the World Cup and the fact that Hotstar did not operate effectively with the Jio TV app.


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What is the best free movie app?

The Movie HD App – is brought to us by the team of HD Cinema & Sky HD. It hosts a large number of movies and TV shows which I recommend you should try. The app is specially designed and organized to watch free movies on Android. There are no subscriptions or Sign-Ups needed to use this App. You can get the Movies HD Android App for free. The App has a very decent interface but the number of movies it has to offer will surely bring a smile to your face.

Where can I watch free movies 2020?

It’s easy to find free movie apps for your Android phone or iPhone. While it might seem unbelievable that you can simply download an app onto your phone or tablet and start watching films, there are a number of apps that let you do just that and for free.

How can I watch free movies on Google?

Watch your favorite movies, seasonal movies, shows, documentaries on these apps

What app Is like Netflix but free?

SHOWBOX - The Showbox is by far the most popular online free movie streaming app, thanks to its smooth UI and easy navigation. The App is the most talked-about online streaming App having many features offering to the user without any cost. It is the best alternative to subscription-based video streaming services like Netflix where it offers audio-visual content for free.

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