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Start Using Apple Cash Today! Quick & Easy Guide for Beginners (Step-by-Step)


how can I use apple cash?

How do I use Apple Cash? The only payment method is Apple Pay, and this is how to use Apple Pay from your comfort.

It replaces your physical cards and cash with a simpler, safer, more private, and secure payment solution that works anywhere you go, including online, in stores, and when sending money to loved ones.


Modern money is what it is. A digital card called Apple Cash resides in the wallet. It is a simple method for sending and receiving money from a wallet or message.




Your Apple Cash can also be used with Apple Pay in shops, online, and on apps, because it is a digital card.




In the Wallet app or under Settings > Wallet and Apple Pay, you may check the balance of Apple Cash on your Apple Cash card.




Family members under the age of 18 can also have Apple Cash set up so that you can securely send them money to use with their own Apple Cash card.


apple cash card tap

This feature on the Apple Cash Card makes it possible to make payments using your iPhone or Apple Watch.




How to Set Up Apple Cash

You must be at least 18 years old and have a compatible device to use Apple Cash. If you meet the requirements, here’s the process for setup:



  1. Open your device and go to Settings. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. (Look for an app with a gear icon or search your app library for “Settings.”)
  2. Tap on Wallet & Apple Pay. Within the Wallet & Apple Pay window, there’s an option to turn on the Apple Cash feature. If Apple Cash isn’t enabled, activate it by switching the on/off toggle to the right.
  3. Tap Apple Cash. Select Apple Cash under Payment Cards to complete the setup.


apple cash family

This option is for setting up accounts for teens or children who are not old enough to manage their finances. This protects the child from overspending, and the parents also have control over the account.

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How to set up Apple Cash Family

  • On your iPhone for the child or teen
  • Open the settings App and tap on the name, then tap Family Sharing to proceed
  • Here tap on the child you want to set the Apple Cash for, tap Apple Cash again, and follow the prompt to complete the step




Tips for Using Apple Cash

By pressing a few buttons, Apple Cash makes it simple to send, receive, and pay for goods and services.


These procedures each operate as follows:


Send money: Launch iMessage and choose the recipient’s name. Then, select the desired amount to send by tapping the Apple Cash icon in the text pane.



Payment will automatically be charged to the associated debit card if you don’t have enough money in Apple Cash.


By tapping on the Apple Cash card while in the Wallet app, you can also send money.




 Remember that in order to receive money, the recipient must have an Apple device that is compatible.



Receive money: To ask someone for money, open an iMessage text chat and tap the Apple Cash icon.


Unless you recently activated Apple Cash, any money sent to you will be automatically added to your Apple Cash balance.



If so, you have seven days to decide whether to accept the funds before they become available.



Once you accept the terms and conditions, future transfers should be performed automatically.



Paying for goods and services in-person or online with Apple Pay is possible by using your Apple Cash balance.


We’ll go over how that operates next.




You can transfer the necessary amount from your Apple Cash balance to a connected debit card, and the money will be available within one to three business days.





How do I transfer funds with Apple Cash?

Tap the Apple Cash button in Messages, type a sum on the keyboard, then tap Pay. Select your Apple Cash card in Wallet, then touch Send Money.

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A list of suggested recipients is available, or you may just write in a contact. On the keypad, type a sum, then select Pay.



A notification from Wallet stating that your balance has changed will be sent to you when you receive money in Messages.



Where do I find Apple Cash that was sent to me?

In the Wallet app, your Apple Cash card is where you can access your Apple Cash balance.













How to Use Apple Cash to Send Money to Friends (or Demand Payment)


Using saved credit or debit cards, an Apple Cash account balance, or Apple Pay on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you may make purchases in physical stores, online, and within supported apps.




Like PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo, Apple Cash can also be used as a mobile payment app. In other words, you can send money to friends and family using your Apple Cash balance.




On the other hand, you can ask others for money, and the money will be added to your balance.



The remaining balance may then be fully or partially transferred to a bank account or used for subsequent purchases.


Before, sending or receiving money is required using the Messages app on your Apple iPhone.


However, you can do it directly in the Apple Wallet app using iOS/iPadOS 15.5 or higher, and the transaction will then take place in the Messages app.


Using and configuring the service is explained below.



How secure are Apple Pay and Apple Cash?

Apple lists a number of security precautions it takes to safeguard users’ financial information.


First off, when you use Apple Pay to make transactions at merchant locations, Apple doesn’t save or share your card information.




A unique device code is what is utilized for point-of-sale transactions to allow in-store payments, and payment information is always encrypted.

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Additionally, Apple Cash and Apple Pay both employ Touch ID, Face ID, or password codes to verify your identity and authorize payments, protecting you from fraudulent transactions in the event that your phone is lost, stolen, or falls into the wrong hands.




Remember that you don’t want the convenience of contactless payments to lead to impulsive spending or debt.


Always keep an eye on your bank account balance and credit card bills when utilizing a digital wallet.



This can assist you in keeping track of your spending, preventing overdrafts, and making sure you don’t charge too much on your credit card.



Can you use Apple Cash at gas station?

You can now pay for gas at your preferred station with Apple Pay rather than cash, a debit card, or a credit card.

While other gas stations only accept Apple Pay at the cashier, some only accept it at the pump.


Can Apple cash be transferred to bank account?

You can transfer from Apple Cash to your bank account up to $10,000 each transfer and $20,000 in a seven-day span.


Your money can only be transferred to an American bank account.


Unless you utilize an instant transfer, there are no fees associated with moving money from Apple Cash to your bank account.



Do you need a bank account for Apple account?

Apple Card, like all credit cards, necessitates using a bank account to process payments.

Using the Wallet app on your iPhone, Apple makes it simple to choose a bank account for Apple Card payments.


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