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5 Best Smart Watches for Men, According to Testing

A wonderful way to keep track of how far you walked or how many steps you made in your new hiking shoes is using a smart watch. But they’re capable of doing much more than just counting steps; they can also play music, show the weather, and even figure out how you sleep. Others simply send you a notification when you get a call or text, while some can also take calls or type texts. These functions come in handy so you may turn off your phone without losing any crucial texts. 

The Good Housekeeping Institute Media & Tech Lab has been testing popular tech goods, including both men’s and women’s smart watches, noise-canceling headphones, and smart home gadgets. Over the past ten years, we have tested and assessed more than 60 different smart watches. Over 300 data points were gathered during our most recent test. We evaluated a large number of smart watches for their usability, dependability, and accuracy of features like step counters and heart rate monitors. We also submit them to a group of testers for actual customer feedback. The companies we recommend based on their performance in previous tests or from our most recent collection are our best picks from those tests, which are shown below.

5 Best Smart Watches for Men, According to Testing

Apple Watch Series 8

Since the watch app is pre-built into newer iPhones, Apple is a brand that routinely receives high ratings in our testing. In our most recent evaluation, our experts praised the watch app’s user-friendliness and ease of setup for iPhone users.

This smart watch also tracks heart rate and measures blood oxygen levels, like many others do. With temperature sensors while you sleep, this watch improves on earlier models, allowing you to track variations and make adjustments to potential interferences like your sleeping environment or alcohol use. Additionally, unlike other smart watches, sleep tracking shows how much time you spend in REM, core, and deep sleep.

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Previous Apple watches have emergency functions like recognizing when the wearer has fallen, including the Apple Watch SE and Series 4 or later. The Series 8 adds car crash detection in addition to fall detection. The brand claims that when it detects a crash, it automatically connects you with emergency services, gives dispatchers your location, and alerts your emergency contacts.

This Apple Watch has a tone of fitness functions, like recording workout and recuperation periods and sending alerts for pace, heart rate, cadence, and power so you can modify your routine as needed. In our experiments, we discovered that the heart rate readings were slightly inaccurate but that the running distance tracking was fairly accurate. This smart watch is exceptionally sturdy since it is resistant to dust, water, and breaking. It can also make calls and send texts abroad, although this requires international roaming.

Timex iConnect Active+

Our experts feel confident in suggesting this watch to someone searching for a straightforward smart watch because in prior tests of Timex watches, we discovered that the setup was uncomplicated, and the app was simple to use. It provides step counting, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and blood oxygen level testing for less than $70 to assist improve general health. Our experts appreciate that it offers a selection of watch faces so you may personalize the watch display, even though it lacks functions like GPS, sleep tracking, or voice commands for smart devices.

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The stress management tool provides a numerical assessment for stress levels and a guided breathing function to assist soothe frazzled nerves, while the sports mode allows you to track your fitness progress. The watch also has the ability to get information from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It can also alert the wearer to incoming calls and daily reminders. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s capacity to track a variety of exercises, such as jogging, cycling, and rowing, impressed our engineers. The sleep coaching feature on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro advances fitness by analyzing your sleep patterns and developing a five-week programmed to improve sleep. The brand claims that the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis sensor in the 5 Pro has been newly engineered for more accuracy. It evaluates your body fat, skeletal muscle, body water, basal metabolic rate, and more, according to the manufacturer.

It also boasts GPS route tracking, step counting, and the ability to stream music from YouTube, Spotify, and other services in addition to these special capabilities. Both digital and analogue bespoke watch faces are available for selection. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is sleeker and more streamlined than the Galaxy Watch 3, which we thought was a little bulky. This makes it better for working out or a night out. 

Water resistance5 feet, up to 30 minutes
CompatibilityAndroid 8

Google Pixel Watch LTE

This Pixel Watch LTE is made just for Google phones and is not compatible with other phones, thus fans of Google phones will like it. We liked how the watch face was compact and comfy and had a sleek appearance. The heart rate zone feature is accurate and useful for determining how hard you’re exercising, according to our experts. Unfortunately, you must download the Fitbit app in addition to the Google Pixel app in order to use all fitness features.

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This watch’s LTE edition allows you to place calls and send texts. It may be used for navigation, your wallet, or music control because it links straight to your Google phone. A Wi-Fi version is also offered.

Water resistanceUp to 50 meters
CompatibilityGoogle phones onl

Fitbit Charge 5

The Charge 5’s compact face and strap give it the appearance of a classic Fitbit. Our experts said this was comfy to wear due to its tiny size. The double-tap to view wasn’t as snappy as we would have liked, but it was still quite simple to set up and use.

When engaging in outdoor activities like running or hiking, this Fitbit can track your pace and distance in real-time thanks to its integrated GPS. The Fitbit app also includes a map of your workout route. This smart watch offers practical functions including a stopwatch, heart rate and stress sensors, sleep tracking, metrics to show how well you exercised, and a stopwatch. In conclusion, our experts felt it’s a fantastic choice for someone searching for a straightforward and fitness-focused watch.

Sizes.86 x .58 inches
Water resistanceUp to 50 meters
CompatibilityiOS 14+, Android 9

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