How to Find My Apple Watch with my iPhone When Lost or Stolen

how to find apple watch

How to track and locate your Apple Watch? Losing your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, or any other smart device you own, these are situations no smart device users want to be found in it.

But sadly, there are times you misplaced these gadgets or worst get stolen. Today, we are focusing on How to find your lost or stolen Apple watch.

The feature “Find My Watch” by Apple helps you locate your Apple Watch in time and if the device cannot be found or located by this feature, there is an option to “remotely wipe” all your data off the watch to prevent your personal data from getting into the wrong hands.

For most Apple Watches, finding them when lost or stolen is limited to the Apple device you’re using. Lost or stolen Apple Watch within the Bluetooth range of your iPhone can be found easily. If you misplace your watch or it’s got stolen somewhere close to your home, office or park, etc. locating it can be swift.

For Apple Watch Series 2 or later, which have built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular have a very high chance of getting the device back in no time. Now let’s focus on how you can locate your lost or stolen Apple Watch;

how to find my apple watch

How to Track Your Apple Watch When Missing or Stolen

But first, make sure you’re the latest iOS and watchOS version available right now.

  • Launch My Watch app on your iPhone
  • Tap paired watch to open then tap again the information icon
  • When it opens, tap Find My Apple Watch
  • Log in with your Apple ID
  • Enable location service. This opens Find My Apple Watch and shows the location of your watch

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The location displayed or showing on the map, let you know where your watch is at that very moment. Try moving toward where the locations point, then you find your watch. Or if the watch still can’t be found despite it’s been located on the map, there’s an option for the watch to make a sound. To do this;

  • Tap Actions on the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Play Sound for your Apple Watch to start Beeping
  • Once the watch has been found, Tap Dismiss to stop it.

How to Find or Locate Your Lost Apple Watch Using Lost Mode

With the lost mode, this is when finding your Apple Watch has become very difficult. You tried finding it with your location but couldn’t, even try playing the Beeping sound on the watch but still could not locate it. Well, this is where Lost Mode comes in.

You tab the Lost Mode button to mark the Apple Device Lost.  Follow these steps;

  • Enter your personal phone number. This helps whoever finds your Apple watch to reach you
  • Enter a message. This message will be shown to whoever finds your watch and hopefully will return to the device to you

The purpose of these is to help anyone who comes in contact with your watch, with the display message on the screen along with your personal phone number to reach you.

How to Erase or Wipe your Apple Watch

At this stage (Wipe or Erase Your Data) simply means you’ve tried the 2 steps above and still could not locate the watch. Wiping your personal data off your Apple Watch might be the best option here. This prevents adding salt to injury by your personal data getting into the wrong hands.

This can be a terrible situation. This is how to erase all your content and settings off your Apple Watch.

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  • On Find My Watch app
  • Tab Erase watch. This will open another page asking if you want to erase your Apple Watch
  • Tab Erase Apple Watch. This will erase all your content and personal settings on the watch.

Now with these steps, we hope you’re Apple watch is recovered in time. If not, do wipe off your personal data if the device can’t be reached.

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how to find Apple Watch when dead?

  • For Apple Watch switched off or dead, it appears on the map and sidebar as an Apple Watch with a blank screen.
  • When the Apple Watch is turned on or back online, it will appear on the map and sidebar as an Apple Watch with an active Home screen then you can track it from there.


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