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How to Add Disney Plus to Apple TV [2023]


Add apps on apple tv

All Apple TVs have preloaded apps already on the device, even smartphones, laptops, etc. These apps are just what Apple thought you might like or be interested in.



But if you’d like to add some more apps of your choosing? You can do that by following these steps. In this article, we will show you how to add more apps to your Apple TV device.



For those of you who own an Apple TV 4K or an Apple TV HD, you can add apps to your TV because these devices have an App Store in them, while those with a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Generation Apple TV cannot add apps to their Apple TV anymore.




How to add apps to Apple TV Gen 1

  • Step #1: Switch on your Apple Tv if it’s turned off.


  • Step #2: On the menu bar, select the App Store on your TV home screen. You can also try searching for it if you can find or locate the App Store.


  • Step #3: Select the apps you want to download, and search for them using their name in the App Store


  • Step #4: On the app download page, there’s an option to BUY or GET if the app is free. The app will start downloading after you select any of the options above.


  • Step #4: Tab the Open button after the progress bar on your home screen is complete.
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  • Step #5: Now you can use the app.






apple tv 4k apple tv 4k
2021 Apple TV 4K (32GB) 2021 Apple TV 4K (32GB)
check on AMAZON check on AMAZON




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How to Add Channels to Apple TV

  • Step #1: Switch on your Apple Tv if it’s turned off.


  • Step #2: Open the Apple TV App and Tab Watch Now at the top of the screen


  • Step #3: Scroll down to Try Apple TV or you can search for a specific tv channel


  • Step #4: Select the channels you want to add or subscribe to






How to Manage Apps on Apple TV

Apps installed on Apple Tv can be deleted or removed, Just with these steps:

  • Step #1: Select the app you want to delete


  • Step #2: On the Apple TV remote, hold it down.


  • Step #3: Press the Play/Pause button when the app starts wiggling, then select Delete/Hide to remove the app




How to Update Apps on Apple TV

To enjoy the latest and newest app features, you need to update your apps frequently. Apple knows how important updates are for apps, so it automatically sets updates on your TV to default.


To check whether your app updates are set to automatic, follow these steps;


  • Step #1: Go to Settings on your Apple TV


  • Step #2: Select Apps, look for the Automatically Update Apps option


  • Step #3: Check if it’s turned off, then turn It on
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  • Step #4: You can also update your apps manually right from the App Store




how to add hbo max to apple tv
image via TechRadar

Apple Tv owners who want to add HBO Max to your channel do it with ease. To do so, make sure that your Apple TV is capable of running an HBO streaming service.



Only fourth Gen or later Apple TVs is compatible with HBO. Here’s how you can add HBO Max and watch it on your Apple TV




how to download hbo max on apple tv

  • Step #1: On your Apple TV, open the App Store


  • Step #2: Search “HBO Max


  • Step #3: From the search, select HBO Max then download to install


  • Step #4: Open the app after the installation is complete


  • Step #5: Sign in with your account information or sign up for your account to enjoy HBO Max content.


  • Step #5: New subscribers to HBO Max can sign up for the service through Apple TV with the Apple In-App purchase feature.


The HBO Max icon will appear on your Apple TV Homepage after the installation is complete.




how to add disney plus to apple tv
add disney plus to apple tv



Apple Tv owners who want to add Disney Plus to their channel do it with ease. To do so, make sure that your Apple TV is capable of running Disney plus streaming service.


Only fourth Gen or later Apple TVs is compatible with Disney Plus. Here’s how you can add Disney plus and watch it on your Apple TV



add Disney plus to apple tv

  • Step #1: Go to the Apple TV home screen and open the App Store.


  • Step #2: Search for “Disney Plus” and click the “Get” button to download and install the app
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  • Step #3: Find the Disney plus app on your Apple Tv home screen after the installation is complete


  • Step #4: Open the app and sign in with your account details or sign up for your new account (If you don’t already have a Disney Plus account)


  • Step #5: After that, pick a movie or original series and enjoy Disney plus content.





how to add disney plus to apple tv 3rd gen



 Add Disney Plus to Apple TV 3rd Gen

  • Step #1: Create your Disney Plus account.


  • Step #2: If you’re using the iTunes App Store on your iPhone or iPad device, find and download the Disney Plus mobile app.


  • Step #3: Open the Disney Plus app and sign into or create your account (if you don’t have one)


  • Step #4: Find the content you want.


  • Step #5: Connect to the same WiFi network as the Apple TV.


  • Step #6: Step Use AirPlay to cast the content from your iOS device to the Apple TV.



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Where’s the App Store on Apple TV?

To access the App Store on your Apple TV, follow these steps: To return to the Home screen on your Apple TV remote (if you aren’t already there), press the Back button on your remote. When you are in your applications, scroll down until you see the App Store icon.

How do I install Discovery Plus on Apple TV?

Launch the Apple TV and go to the App Store by scrolling down.
Go to the App Store and download something.
To conduct a search, use the search icon.
Look for Discovery Plus on the internet.
Select the “download” button from the drop-down menu.
To open the file, click the Open button.
Select Sign-in or Subscribe Now from the drop-down menu.

What apps are available for Apple TV?

There is excellent content available on Apple TV 4K from apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix (in 4K), Disney+, HBO Max, and ESPN, among others.

Can you add other apps to Apple TV?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to install other apps on the Apple TV.

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