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Android 13 Beta 3 to provide support for Braille Displays

Android Getting Refreshable braille display

Google has gradually included a wide variety of accessibility features into the Android operating system throughout the course of its development. The majority of these features make it simpler for users who have specific requirements to use the operating system.

Recent news from Google indicates that version 13 of the Android operating system will include native support for braille displays. Google revealed on Thursday, in a post to its official blog, that the next version of Android, version 13 beta 3, will have native support for braille displays.

Individuals who are blind or visually impaired may utilize a computer or smartphone equipped with a braille display. blind users fall into this category.

According to the firm, “A refreshable braille display is an electro-mechanical system that makes braille patterns by lifting rounded pins through holes on a flat surface.”

[citation needed] Users of computers who are literate in braille may see dots on a display that represents text by using their fingers to touch them. You may also type in braille using the display’s capabilities.
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These technologies allow individuals who are deafblind to use mobile phones and allow those who are blind to use their phones without making a sound. In the past, users connected their Android devices to braille displays by using the BrailleBack app, which required a separate download from the Play Store.

Alternatively, users connected their Android devices to braille displays by using a virtual keyboard within Talkback rather than a physical device.

Because of this latest version, further downloads are not required in order to utilize the vast majority of braille displays. People are able to access many of the same capabilities that are accessible with Talkback via the usage of braille displays.

For example, you may traverse your screen by using the display buttons, and then you can engage in activities like writing an email, making a phone call, sending a text message, or reading a book.


The iOS platform has always had a Braille display.

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Apple’s iPhone has enabled the use of this functionality since the release of iOS 12. Taking all of this into consideration, it is safe to state that the Android support for this feature has been long overdue.

According to Google, with the Android 13 Beta 3 update, it will no longer be necessary to download any extra software in order to make use of the majority of braille displays. Blind persons may navigate the display using the buttons on the display itself.

They are also capable of doing other often difficult tasks, such as composing emails, making phone calls, sending text messages, or reading books.

In addition, users will have an easier time using braille displays with Talkback because of Google’s newly added shortcuts that come included with the system.

By using the shortcuts, scrolling and moving on to the next character is made much simpler for users who are blind. In addition, the corporation includes keyboard shortcuts for editing as well as other functions, such as choosing, copying, and pasting text, and even proceeding directly to the conclusion of papers.

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