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Facebook Guide 101: How to Create Facebook Page for Business in 2024?

How To Create Facebook Page For Business

Businesses can promote their brands and increase sales on Facebook for free by creating a Facebook Business Page.




Log into your personal Facebook account, select “Create a Page” from the drop-down menu, and then proceed to fill out your business profile to create a Facebook Business Page.

Although it’s easy to understand how to put up a basic Facebook Business Page, it can be difficult to do so and manage it consistently.



how to make a Facebook business page


In order to free up your time so you can concentrate on operating your business, try using Fiverr to find a freelancer who can assist you in developing your Facebook Business Page, producing original material to engage potential consumers, and maintaining your Facebook page.

1. Register for a Facebook Business Page

You must first log into your personal Facebook account since Facebook business pages are made using personal Facebook accounts. Find and click the “Create” button on the right side of the blue toolbar.

Select “Page” from the Menu

After selecting “Build,” a drop-down list will appear; choose “Page” as the first item to create your Facebook Business Page.

Choose a Page Category

You can choose between the “Business or Brand” or “Community or Public Figure” page categories. The majority of for-profit companies will prefer to select a Business or Brand.

2. Enter Your Business Information


image via Support flow team

Inform Facebook of the name you choose for your company page. Your actual company name should match this.



Then, decide which industry best describes what your company has to offer.

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For instance, a clothing company could enter “Clothing,” which would automatically pre-populate a list of options that were related.


3. Upload Your Profile Picture & Cover Photo

Next, choose a photo to post as your company page profile picture.

Businesses usually use their logo as a profile picture, but you may use any photo that represents your business and your business’ branding.


how to create fb page for business

Make sure your image is undistorted and not cropped.

It’s worth checking Bluehost if you don’t already have a picture in mind that you’d like to use or if you need a new one.

There, you may locate independent professionals who will create a professional profile picture for you at a reasonable cost, whether it’s a logo or another image.

Consider adding a cover photo after that.

Similar to your personal Facebook account, your Facebook Business Page’s cover photo serves as the page’s background image.

You want your cover photo to look good and be a good representation of your company.

At least 400 by 150 pixels should make up your cover image.

For templates for Facebook pages for your small business, see our selection.

Canva allows you to make a cover image for free if you’re having difficulties locating one.

There are numerous Facebook cover themes included that are simple to edit without any prior graphic design experience or understanding.

Visit our tutorial on creating a Facebook business page for additional details.

4. Invite Friends to Like Your Page

When you create a new business page on Facebook, you will be prompted to invite your existing Facebook friends from your personal account to like it.

It is encouraged to do this because existing Facebook friends can provide a solid initial basis of likes for a new Facebook Business Page.

Either click the pop-up invitation or use the “…” button on your company page, as shown below, to invite friends.

5. Include Additional Business Details

Find “About” in the menu on the left and click it.

Here, you will provide details that enlighten readers about your company, such as contact information and your menu or items.

Include any relevant information, including your website, business hours, and contact details.

Given Facebook’s domain authority, it’s not unusual for a company’s Facebook page to rank better in organic search than its website.

Keeping this in mind, it’s critical to complete all information because it might serve as a prospective customer’s first introduction to your company.

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6. Add a Button to Your Page

You should add a button to your Facebook business page once you have filled it out with all of the necessary information.

This button will be located below your cover photo in the top right corner of your page.

This serves as the free call-to-action (CTA) on your Facebook page.

A pertinent one for your company might aid in generating more leads, which can enhance revenue.

To achieve this, use the blue “+ Add a Button” option located beneath your cover image on the left side of your website.

The following button categories are available to you: Book with You, Contact You, Learn More, Shop, or Download.

Choose a button type that works best for your company.

For instance, a hair salon would probably choose the Book with You option, whereas a company that sells products would prefer the Shop choice.

7. Market Your Facebook Business Page by Being Active on Facebook

The first step in implementing Facebook marketing for your business is to create a Facebook Business Page.

To promote your page and build an audience, you must be active on Facebook.

For instance, in addition to posting frequently on your page, you should take an active interest in the groups where your target audience is most likely to hang out.

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How do I know if my FB page is a business page?

Under the profile photo on a business page, there is often a selection of tabs with links to extra information about the company, such as About, Services, Reviews, Photos, Videos, and more.
A personal page does not have these tabs; a business page provides you the option to Like or Follow the page.

Does Facebook charge for Business page?

Regardless of how many fans or followers you have, you can create and utilize a Facebook Business Page for free, just like you can with Facebook profiles and groups.

The organic features of your Facebook Business Page are still free to use, even if you spend money on Facebook Ads.

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