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DStv Packages and Prices in Ghana [2024]

DStv Ghana

DStv packages and prices in Ghana. With thousands of subscribers in Ghana, DStv is one of the most popular pay television services in the region.



Multichoice Limited, a subsidiary of Naspers, a South African multinational corporation, owns DStv Ghana.



The company began by providing satellite channels that could be accessed with a decoder. However, in response to a recent trend in media consumption, it has shifted its focus to streaming services via its DStv Now and ShowMax apps. The DStv Ghana bundles are well worth the money.




DStv Ghana packages

DStv Ghana bundles provide a variety of channels that broadcast sports, entertainment, socioeconomic, and news programming.



Pop-up channels for entertainment, sports, and other vital activities can be found all over the world. If you live in Ghana and want a satellite TV service with specific channels, there are numerous DStv packages to select from.




What is DStv premium package?

It is the most expensive and comprehensive package available, providing access to a complete range of 157 channels.



DStv packages in Ghana

DStv Ghana packages include a variety of channels, and the cost of each bundle varies depending on Multichoice Ghana’s terms.



It’s critical to understand the contents and costs of each package before deciding which one is best for your home and business. You can always upgrade or decrease your current plan if you are dissatisfied with your selection.



The prices of DStv Ghana packages have recently been reduced to make them more accessible to the general public. In total, the supplier offers six packages to Ghanaians:


  • Premium: has 185 channels and costs GHS 350 per month


  • Compact Plus: provides 172 channels at GHS 215 per month


  • Compact: gives you 165 channels at GHS 145 per month


  • Family: airs 139 channels and costs GHS 80 per month


  • Access: provides 124 channels at a cost of 45 GHS per month


  • Indian: costs GHS 135 per month and has 35+ channels.





DStv packages in Ghana – Here’s a closer look at each of these options

dstv packages in ghana




The Premium bundle is the priciest of all the DStv options. However, because it has the most channels, it is also the best.



It combines the top entertainment channels with cutting-edge technology to provide viewers with a pleasurable viewing experience.




Over 30 CD-quality audio channels and over 100 world-class television channels broadcast news, sports, and advertisements on DStv Premium. The channels are divided into the following categories:

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Spice TV, Food Network, Fashion One, BBC Lifestyle, and two Discovery channels are among the lifestyle and entertainment channels available.


About 48 audio channels broadcast local and international music, news, and other information.


Channels of commerce and news: There are 13 channels that cover social, political, and economic news.




SuperSport and ESPN’s premier sports channels.

Please keep in mind that certain channels may be discontinued and others added at any time, with or without notice. This is true for all DStv plans.



Compact Plus is one of the greatest DStv Ghana Packages since it contains only 13 channels less than the premium package but costs a fraction of the price.


The bundle primarily broadcasts local entertainment and films. Premium football matches, such as European soccer leagues, are also broadcast.




In Ghana, DStv compact channels are separated into categories that are similar to those found in the premium package.


SuperSport Grandstand (221), SuperSport Rugby (231), SuperSport Cricket (232), and SuperSport Golf are among the notable channels that are absent (233).





DStv compact price in Ghana

GHS 145 gets you a DStv Compact package. It has 165 channels and broadcasts a wide range of educational and entertaining programming.


The small package is the best option if you want a package with a lot of kids’ entertainment, movies, and live sports.



M-Net Series and M-Net Action are also available on DStv Compact in Ghana. Animal Planet and National Geographic are also included in the package for people who enjoy educational programming about the planet.





DSTV Ghana Family Package

The Family package is aimed at general family viewing at an affordable price.


It has ten local channels, four lifestyle and culture channels, five music channels, one interactive channel, ten commerce and news channels, more than 25 entertainment channels, and more.


All of the channels from the Access plan are included as well.





DSTV Ghana Access Package 

The DStv Access package is a free trial of the pay-tv subscription service. It is one of the most cost-effective and popular DStv Ghana packages.



At a monthly cost of GHS 45, the package includes over 85 television and audio channels. Subscribers have access to the top local television shows, telenovelas, news, music, movies, and children’s programming.

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DSTV Ghana Indian Bouquet Package

This bundle allows you access to a variety of Indian-based channels, including documentaries, lifestyle, news, and entertainment.



Although DStv customers can add it to their existing package according to their preferences, the bundle is offered as a standalone subscription.





DSTV Ghana Decoders

Currently, there are only 2 types of DStv decoders available in Ghana at the moment. That is subscribers are only limited to DStv Explora and the HD Zapper decoder.


we sure hope there will be more decoder types for us(subscribers) to choose from but till then we enjoy these 2 types.





DStv Explora Decoder

The DStv Explora decoder comes with a viewing and recording environment plus services like the DSTV Catch up, Box Office, and also remote recording for subscribers’ pleasure.


With the DStv Explora decoder, you can expect to pay a cost of Ghs 499 to get your hands on one.



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DStv Catch up

Looking at the Dstv catch-up offer or service, you will get series, sports highlights, movies, documentaries, kid’s programs, and a lot more.


There is also an option to connect your DStv Explora to the internet to enjoy hundreds of extra catch-up titles and download them on your Explora and watch any time of your choosing.





DStv Box Office

For a family night indoors, the BoxOffice offers a perfect family chill. Get your hands on blockbuster movies, grab some popcorn and enjoy the movies. Movies can be kept for not less than 48 hours.




HD Viewing

Enjoy an HD viewing experience with the Dstv Explora, and relish all the movie screens’ action, suspense, drama, love, and so much more.




The playlist

Find all your family DStv recordings here, the playlist. With 220 recording hours, DStv Explora arranges your records in categories so you can find your favorite show, football, or program you recorded to watch later.




DStv HD Zapper Decoder

The DStv Zapper decoder focus on big entertainment. With crystal clear HD picture quality for a great viewing experience, a User-friendly Menu, and interactive apps for a great UX (user experience). As low as Ghs 229, you can get yourself one.




DStv XtraView

Watch a different live TV show, football matches, programs, etc in three (3) separate rooms at the same time. With the help of XtraView, you can connect to 3 different DStv decoders without any stress.

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dstv extra view


Just 1 subscription fee and an Access fee to enjoy the XtraView connection. Find the best offer that suits your family’s needs with the xtraview.



With the help of an accredited Dstv installer, We recommend that you use the DStv Explora as the primary decoder, to link DStv Explora or Single View DStv Hd decoders.



how much is DStv compact package?

The price for the DStv compact package is about GHS per month and includes about 65 channels to choose from.


what is DStv access fee?

The DStv access fee is an extra charge that you pay on your subscription bill aside from your monthly subscription fee. This is to help you get access to more channels without upgrading your current package


how much is DStv premium in Ghana?

The price for the DStv premium in Ghana is about GHs 390 per month and includes about 90 plus channels to choose from.




How much do you pay for DStv per month in Ghana?

With DStv Compact, you can get access to over 65 TV and audio channels for a monthly fee of only GHS 160 (approximately).


how much is DStv family package in Ghana?

The DStv family package cost about GHS 90 per month and includes about 55 channels to choose from



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What are the channels on DStv family in Ghana?

Locals channels eg Adom TV, Joy Prime, UTV, GHOne, TV Africa Sports Channels eg SuperSport La liga, SuperSport Blitz HD, SuperSport Football, SuperSport Variety 4, ESPN Movies Channels eg EVA +, Africa Magic Family, E! Entertainment, FOX, FOX life, CBS

What is the difference between DStv Compact and DStv Compact Plus?

Compact: gives you 165 channels at GHS 145 per month while Compact Plus: provides 172 channels at GHS 215 per month

What are the current DStv packages?

Compact Plus: provides 172 channels at GHS 215 per month Compact: gives you 165 channels at GHS 145 per month Family: airs 139 channels and costs GHS 80 per month Access: provides 124 channels at a cost of 45 GHS per month Indian: costs GHS 135 per month and has 35+ channels.

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