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[QUICK GUIDE] How to Log Out of Facebook 2024?


How to Log Out of Facebook

You most likely have numerous Facebook accounts if you own a computer, tablet, and smartphone.



Yes, it is practical. But you may easily safeguard your privacy by logging off of Facebook.



While Facebook can be a lot of fun, abusing the social media platform can have unnoticeable negative effects.




For instance, research has shown that its algorithms can facilitate the spread of false information. 




how to sign out of facebook


There are a few things to consider about doing to secure your Facebook.


  • Each device has a separate logout option.




  • Another option is to simultaneously log out of every device.




  • Each one will be dissected.




Additionally, a month without using Facebook can greatly enhance emotional health and lessen political division.




Think about stopping using the app and following the historical trend of fewer daily average users.




Here’s how you close Facebook on all of your devices.

But, if you forgot to log out and no longer have access to the device, you can still log out of all devices at once from your Facebook account settings.





Here’s how to log out of Facebook on any device one by one, or on all devices at once.

Open the Settings menu and choose Security and Login to log out of Facebook on all of your devices.

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  • Select Log Out of All Sessions from there. 




It should be noted that this won’t remove your Facebook account, so you can always sign back in.




How to sign out of Facebook on a desktop browser.

1. Use the same browser that you used to log in to the Facebook website. 




2. Click the downward-pointing arrow in the top right corner. You will see a dropdown menu with “Log Out” at the very bottom of it.




3. Click on “Log Out,” and you’re all set!




How to sign out of Facebook on the mobile app?

1. Open the Facebook app on your device.




2. On an iPhone, tap on the three lines in the bottom right corner. If you have an Android phone, these will be in the upper right corner.




3. You’ll see a screen with your name at the top and various sections below it.




4. Scroll all the way to the bottom, until you see “Log Out.”

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5. Tap the “Log Out” icon. You’ll be prompted with a notice asking if you’re sure you’d like to log out. Click “Log Out,” and you’re good to go!




How to sign out of Facebook on every device you’re logged into?

1. Go to Facebook on a web browser, and click on the downward-facing arrow in the top right corner.



2. In the dropdown menu, click “Settings & Privacy” and then click “Settings.”




3. You’ll be taken to a General Account Settings page. On the left side of the screen, click on the tab that says “Security and login.”




4. Under the section “Where You’re Logged In,” you’ll see all of the devices you’re logged into. If there’s an option to “See More,” click on it. 




5. In the bottom right corner of the list of devices, click on “Log out of all sessions.”




6. You’ll be prompted with a warning about logging out. Click “Log Out.” You may also need to separately log out of the device you’re using. 




Log out on a mobile browser.

Find the three parallel lines icon in the top right corner of your screen if you’re using Facebook through your phone’s browser rather than the app.

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  • In the same manner as before, scroll to the bottom and select “Log Out.”



  • When you log out, a prompt will appear asking if you want the browser to save your login information.




  • To finish the procedure, select “Save and Log Out” or “Don’t Save and Log Out.”



  • Find the three lines icons. 



  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap “Log Out.” 



Why can’t I log out of Facebook on my Android?

Tap the Menu button with your Profile picture in the top right of the screen. Then, scroll down to the bottom and select Log out.

Should you log out of Facebook each time?

To keep your account secure, it’s a good habit to log out of any current sessions on all social media sites. Once you know where to search, logging out of Facebook on a desktop or mobile device is easy.

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Kwesi Afful
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