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The Elgato Prompter will revolutionize streaming and content creation.

Since first releasing the Stream Deck, Elgato has undoubtedly just announced one of its biggest new streaming and content creation products.

The Prompter, as its name suggests, is a (you guessed it) teleprompter created with at-home creators in mind. It comes with a number of clever features that not only offer an easy-to-use readout for things like scripts and chat but also pretty much anything you might want to display off-monitor and with camera eye contact in mind, as well as a tone of compatibility and flexibility.

The Elgato Prompter functions similarly to other teleprompters by projecting text from an upward facing (9′′ 1024 x 600 px) display onto a mirror that faces the speaker. The speaker’s choice of camera, such as the Elgato Face Cam or a variety of other options like DSLRs with flexible mounting, is mounted behind the glass so that they can make direct eye contact with the camera while reading.

Of course, the Prompter’s complete integration into the Elgato ecosystem is its main advantage. It is simple to control what it shows on your PC or Elgato Stream Deck device, and it isn’t just for reading scripts. You can put anything you want to show on there to free up space on your monitor display, including YouTube videos, Teams chat, or just nice messages to yourself like “Hey! You appear less dehydrated now.

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The Elgato software is also designed to offer a wealth of customization and options for how things are displayed, and if you have the excellent Elgato Stream Deck+, you have easy access to dials for controlling the scroll and speed on the fly. This will help you up your content creation game. Additionally, everything is plug-and-play with just one cable!

The Elgato Prompter costs $279.99 USD (or roughly $440 AUD) and can be ordered directly from the Elgato website.

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