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How to Find Lost AirPods [2024]


Find my AirPods

how to find lost AirPods with this guide. If your AirPods are online, offline, or dead, these are the steps you need to do to locate them.
AirPod owners are likely to find themselves in the midst of a room or a street scratching their heads and wondering where their devices are at any given time. well, thankful this will surely help you find them fast and easy



Find My App

The Find My app is a mobile application developed by Apple to monitor the position of its goods while they are in use.

The Find My app is a godsend for anybody who often misplaces their AirPods and other Apple items. With this program, you can quickly identify your misplaced gadget on a map or play a sound to help you discover it straight away.

You will also be able to remotely access your device through the iCloud website to locate your misplaced AirPods, lock it, show a message, or wipe all data.
This app is an absolutely useful one-stop shop for anything connected to losing your Apple iPhone.


how to find my airpods


How to track AirPods with Find My App

If you’ve misplaced your AirPods, the Find My app may help you find them.
Before you can use the Find My app to hunt for your misplaced AirPods, they must first be uploaded to the app.


Fortunately, as long as your iCloud account is active on the device you’re connecting them with (e.g., your iPhone), your AirPods will be added to the Find My App immediately.




How to locate AirPods using Find My App Direction & Play Sound Feature

Here’s how I use the Find My app to monitor my AirPods:
1. Launch the Find My app and go to the Devices tab. Using the Find My app, go to the Devices tab.
2. Select the AirPods from the list of devices or click the AirPods icon on the real-time map. Using the Find My app and selecting the AirPods option
3. Select the Play Sound option to hear where your AirPods are or the Directions option to guide your way to your AirPods. The Find My App’s Play Sound and Directions choices

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How to Find AirPods Nearby

The next item worth considering in Find My is the proximate ‘Find Nearby’ location function. This function locates AirPods based on their proximity – either close or distant.
AirTag users may be familiar with the essential functioning of this feature while also finding it insufficient.


In contrast to this function, AirTags employ ultra-wideband technology and may therefore provide enhanced instructions to your smartphone, including direct and accurate distance.

1. Launch the Find My app on a compatible iPhone or iPad (version 15.0.1 or later) Selecting Find My App
2. Select the AirPods you want to find. Choose your misplaced AirPods
3. Select ‘Find’. If you’re near enough to the AirPods to receive a signal, the app will tell you if they’re ‘hotter’ or ‘colder.’ Click the Find button.

You must have previously linked the AirPods with the device you want to use to discover them. You couldn’t utilize the Find Nearby function on a friend’s iPhone to find your AirPods unless they were already linked to that iPhone.


find airpod
find one lost airpod


How to Find One Lost Airpod

Losing one of the AirPods or AirPods Pro earbuds is extremely frequent and may be quite aggravating. Thankfully, Apple has solved this issue by enabling customers to utilize the Find My app to locate them one earpiece at a time.

The procedure is similar to searching for anything in the app; the only difference is that you must regard each AirPod as a separate device. Here’s how it works:


1. Launch the Find My app and go to Devices > AirPods.
2. Locate one of the earphones using either the Play Sound or the Directions function.
3. Replace the earbud in its case and wait for the map to update. If the map does not update immediately, please restart the program.
4. Once the position of the other earbud is shown, use the Play Sound or Directions function to locate it again.

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How to Find My AirPods When Offline

In order to use the Find My function, AirPods must be connected to the Internet. Real-time monitoring is lost as soon as your AirPods are out of range.


Since you will only know their last known internet position, this information may not be true if they are picked up or left in the care of another vehicle that is traveling.


When AirPods are in a closed charging case or have no remaining battery life, they are referred to as “offline.”


Even while in their charging case, they’ll remain active for 72 hours and 18 hours before switching into an offline mode to save battery life.


Aside from your own iPhone or iPad, this technology also searches for other people’s devices. You’ll be notified through your smartphone if your AirPods are spotted in this friendly network.


AirPods will automatically go through alerts whenever someone picks them up, even if they’re in their charging case, and attempts to connect to them.


Once your AirPods are back online, Find My App will alert you. You’ll also be able to share your contact information with the person who found you.



How to activate Lost Mode on AirPods

Finding AirPods that aren’t connected might be a frustrating experience without Lost Mode. AirPods owners are given a fresh lease of life thanks to this new functionality, and iOS users feel more connected as a result.


In order to activate Lost Mode, follow these steps:
1. On the Find My app, choose your lost AirPods from the Devices section. On the list of devices, selecting AirPods
To activate Lost Mode, choose Activate under Mark as Lost. Retrieving a Lost Object
3. Press the proceed button. Take the next step by pressing the Next button.
Your contact information may be included in a note for anybody who discovers your AirPods. Once they’ve plugged in their AirPods, this will instantly show on their iOS device. Lost Mode contact information form
Finally, click Activate one more time to complete the process. Complete the activation of Lost Mode.

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how to find AirPods without find my iPhone

Aside from being optimized for the iPhone and iPad, AirPods work well with most other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets. Consequently, the very popular AirPods may be used with non-Apple devices like Android smartphones.


However, the Find My app is only available on iOS devices. Users who find themselves thinking “I need to locate my AirPods” may believe that their search is over. Fortunately, the iCloud website and other Play Store applications may still be used.



How to Find AirPods with iCloud

If you have AirPods but don’t have an iPhone, you can still utilize Find My Airpod on the iCloud website if you don’t have access to your phone.
To locate your AirPods, follow these steps:
• Go to in a web browser. You must be signed in to your iCloud account before you can proceed.
• Click on All Devices, then on All Devices again to return to the previous menu.
• To find your AirPods, click Play Sound.
If you’re using a desktop computer to browse the iCloud website, you won’t be able to use the Directions option.


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