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Differences Between Apple Series 9 and Series 8 – UPDATED

apple watch series 8 vs series 9

The Apple Watch Series 8 was launched in September 2022, bringing with it a host of new features such as a new compass app, temperature sensing abilities, and a medication app to help with health management.




fast forward, balling down to this year’s release. On September 12, 2023, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 9, a smartwatch that promises to elevate the user experience with features like a more colorful and adaptive display, a potent S9 SiP with a 4-core Neural Engine, and improved Siri functionalities that operate on-device for faster and more dependable responses.




Colors and Sizes


With the exception of a new pink Apple Watch Series 9 model, the new Apple Watch Series 9’s appearance and design are identical to those of the Series 8 model. The casing comes in sizes 41mm and 45mm and is offered in (PRODUCT)RED, midnight, starlight, silver, and the previously mentioned new pink aluminum case.




There is currently just a GPS+Cellular version of the stainless-steel model in the same sizes available in gold, silver, and graphite casings.




Apple Watch Series 9 vs. Apple Watch Series 8: Design


The Apple Watch Series 9 is identical to its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 7, in terms of appearance. It is once again offered in 41mm and 45mm diameters and a variety of colors, but new for Series 9 is a bright pink shade that goes with the pink iPhone 15.

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Apart from color selections, there isn’t much visual difference between the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Series 7 in terms of design. As a result, it’s feasible that the Apple Watch Series 9 will feature unique hues, perhaps ones that coordinate with the iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro.




The best Apple Watch bands must be switched out in order to customize the look of the Series 9 Apple Watch.




Performance and Features


Apple used different chip names for the last three generations of Apple Watches the Series 6, Series 7, and Series 8, but all of those chips shared the same design with a dual-core CPU bearing the T8301 identifier and were largely based on the Apple A13 Bionic chip design.




Apple’s only claim of performance gain dates back to the Series 6 and S6 processors, which the firm said launched apps 20% faster.




The S9 chip, based on the A15 Bionic, makes its debut in the Apple Watch Series 9. With the significant speed and efficiency improvements made by this new silicon, apps would launch more quickly and have longer battery lives. 

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Compared to the Apple Watch Series 8, the improved quad-core Neural Engine in the Apple Watch Series 9 can process machine learning tasks up to twice as quickly. The Apple Watch Ultra Gen 2 is likewise powered by the brand-new S9 chip.




Double-tap gesture



The S9 processor enables the Double Tap feature to take on a whole new universe of jobs, even if it is already available in the accessibility options of the Series 8 watches.




Now, a timer may be stopped, music can be played and paused, and an alarm can be snoozed by simply pinching your fingers together.


Additionally, the Apple Watch 9’s Double Tap feature allows you to answer or cancel conversations and use the Camera Remote feature to take pictures. With it, one may access Smart Stack from the watch face and use another finger squeeze to go between the widgets. You’re fired, Apple Watch 8!




Apple Watch Series 9 vs. Apple Watch Series 8: Battery life



This is nothing new: The battery life of the Apple Watch Series 9 will be the same as that of the Apple Watch Series 8: up to 18 hours when the always-on display, regular activity monitoring, and sleep tracking are all turned on.

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However, Apple Watch’s low power mode disables several battery-hungry features while mostly maintaining the functionality of the gadget. The Apple Watch can run for up to 36 hours when low-power mode is activated.




In conclusion, Although the Apple Watch Series 9 is only a slight design improvement, it represents the biggest hardware advancement in about three years. Even without the faster and more secure on-device Siri that the S9 processor enables, the useful Double Tap gesture that was previously restricted to a cumbersome Accessibility option is worth the investment.




However, this year’s new model is a decent upgrade to the most well-liked smartwatch in the world. It is rumored that Apple is planning some significant modifications for the anniversary Apple Watch Series X version next year, so that’s when we might see some greater upgrades.

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Kwesi Afful
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