AirtelTigo Money – How To Reverse Wrong Transactions In Minutes

AirtelTigo money


AirtelTigo Money reversal for wrong transactions. There have been several requests from individuals to ask for a step-by-step guide on how to reverse incorrect transactions on AirtelTigo in Ghana.

This alone took my attention to the point that many users of AirtelTigo Money in Ghana are sending money to the wrong people and need guidance on how to quickly reverse these funds.

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Whenever we make mistakes by using our AirtelTigo Momo wallet to send money to the wrong number, the first thing we do is to contact Customer Service of AirtelTigo to lodge a complaint about reversal.

Let’s say this, it’s fine you don’t know or have many details about reversing wrong transactions on AirtelTigo, we’ve all been there and this post is here for you!

AirtelTigo money

First Of, Beware of fraudsters and Unnecessary Pressure Making Transactions. 

Fraudsters and family pressure lead us to make the wrong transactions, which we appear to regret because it could be our last remaining cash on our mobile money wallet.

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A recent AirtelTigo Ghana update revealed that you can reverse AirtelTigo Money sent to an incorrect recipient. From the moment money is sent to the wrong person, the reversal can be made within 24 hours.

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We’ll take a look at how to reverse AirtelTigo Momo sent to the wrong number in Ghana in this article.


With regard to how AirtelTigo money reversal works, a user will have to apply for it and wait, as the information will be sent for fact-check and confirmation to the AirtelTigo reversal desk.

AirtelTigo Money Payments

AirtelTigo Ghana will now conduct an audit or research into your momo account and its transaction history. Because of the time money is being sent and filing time, the investigation takes about a month to complete and get your money back. After the investigation is completed by (ATM) reversal desk, AirtelTigo Ghana can pay your money back into your AirtelTigo Money pocket.

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Reversing AirtelTigo Money Wrong Transaction, Details Below;

All Ghanaians using AirtelTigo Money need to follow the simple steps below.

  1. Dial the AirtelTigo momo short code, 1108#
  2. Choose option 5 — My Transaction Reversal
  3. Choose option 1 — AirtelTigo to proceed
  4. Select option 1 for the last transactions or 2 for other transactions

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AirtelTigo Ghana with the AirtelTigo Money (ATM) reversal desk team will investigate and reverse your money to your AirtelTigo wallet after you have finished with the above process.

Comply With AirtelTigo Terms & Conditions – Be On The Safe Side

Make sure to comply with the AirtelTigo Terms & Conditions, the rules, and regulations regulating the service of mobile money in Ghana under the Bank of Ghana. As a form of trial, aim not to disclose any transaction to be reversed. Make sure you have a real reason for your money to be returned and demand your money back within 30 days.

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How can I contact Airtel Tigo customer care?

Dial 100 or visit AirtelTigo official website

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